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Do you know your neigbours, do you know others who share your views ? We get fed (mostly bad) news from Parliament or the other side of the planet, about which we can do little. But isn’t it more important to know your neighbours, and those you can call on for help in your time of need, (and help them out in theirs) ? One of the tyrannies of modern life, car-culture and 24×7 news on the television and radio, is that we are isolated from those who live around and about us.

It can be as simple as just taking the time to stop and talk to those around us.

The Big Lunch

Sue and Ian got a Big Lunch street party organized in Felton Road, Parkstone. Longstanding neighbours who had never taken the time to stop and chat are now talking together, plotting further events, and creating a much more cohesive community within their street.

Nationally, Big Lunches are coordinated by: 

Green Drinks

Good beer (no, you don’t have to drink Absinthe), and green chat. In normal times Green Drinks is an informal monthly meet-up in three local pubs in rotation. See

Sharing Skills

We have various ideas about skills sharing evenings, on crafts, permaculture, growing skills. Also there are websites designed to bring together people with common needs and skills. For example

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