The land we share in common is disproportionately used by roads. The energy, and even the layout of the town are dominated by Transport requirements. An ever increasing use of transport is a very visible consumer of Oil, and generator of Carbon Dioxide and other pollutants into the atmostphere we breathe. 

Transition aims to localise. We should live near where we work, and find opportunities for leisure in our own locality, rather than flying half way around the planet to unwind. And so much of what we buy is transported vast distances. Buying stuff, we should be very conscious of where it was produced, and try to go for local products.

Walking for journeys of under a mile, and cycling for journeys under 5 miles should be the method of choice for most.

Public transport suffers from being privatised and expected to make a profit. The free bus passes for over 60s are great, but why do schoolchildren have to pay full fare before 9:30am, and why can adults not have transferrable tickets between Yellow and Red buses in Poole and Bournemouth.

Technical solutions to keep on moving as much as we do (biodiesel, electric cars etc) will not be enough, we should reduce demands and needs to travel.

Note from Dave C

I met Keith Foster at the event yesterday and he mentioned it was possible to retrofit electric engines to existing
cars, and there is a company doing this in the south west:

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