Harvest times

The following table is intended to highlight fruits and nuts we might harvest in the first year, with locations and an ‘owner’ to keep an eye out for the right time to harvest.

Type/species Location when flower when fruit who cares lasting/preserving
Hazel Nuts Off Merley Park Road ? Sept-> Gwyn
Sweet Chestnut Cherry’s parents,
Windsor Road ?
unreliable in UK Cherry Flour, roasted, marron glace
Apples (eating)
Bramley Apple (cooker) Turners Field ? Great for pies and crumble
Pear (Doyenne du Comice) Andy’s Garden -sadly late frost, only 5 on tree this year November Andy In light sugar syrup
Mulberry Behind Lloyds Bank
Pelhams Park
Cherry Fresh, Wine, Jam
Fig Summer – later ones tend not to ripen
Plums Late Aug ->
Goosberries Gwyn keen consumer!

This gives a rough idea. We have constructed a form for logging details of individual trees, and ideas for helpers and materials for harvesting.

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