Seed Exchange

A number of Transition Towns do seed swaps. Feb/Mar is a good time of year, later would need to be seedling swaps.

Andrew suggested that instead of running one at a venue where people have to be ‘in the know’, we should run ours in Poole High Street. Perhaps initially more of a give-away than a swap.

Harriet suggested that PA21 have a stall near Sainsburys every month, and we could try it as part of that. Gary was keen that we test the seeds to ensure that they germinate. We can give some Transition information out with the seeds, together with cultivation tips.

Mark gave some tips on gathering seeds;

  • pick the seeds on a dry sunny day
  • ensure that they are ripe !
  • Label the seeds
  • Store in a paper bag, or with a piece of paper to absorb dampness
  • good stored in the bottom of the fridge (if you have space)

If you don’t know the actual name of the seeds, label what you do know (eg “seed from Grandma’s runner beans”). Do it as soon as you’ve picked them. Should be labelled as ‘seed from’, as they may not grow true to parent plant. Of course if you have an F1 hybrid, the seeds will not be the same, and are unlikely to provide the same cropping level.

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