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How do the Green Energy Suppliers compare ?

At present, there is a premium for buying green electricity. This may all be set to change with the feed in tarrif, indeed these same companies are worth a look if you intend to sell power to the grid.

Its difficult to compare, partly as the packages will keep changing.

Best to check out the sites (and tell us if you find a better one), but the main 3 at the moment are (all have 2 tarrifs, one that roughly matches the big companies, and one which is 100% green energy supply);

Company Description pence /KWh Annual charge
Green Energy Large proportion of generation is waste to energy. Upwey Water Mill near Weymouth is a featured supplier. Share scheme for customers. 13.62 £63.24
Ecotricity Dedicated to investing in renewables in the UK. Half of capacity is not from renewable sources, but improving. No shareholdings, bonds for customers to invest. Have Gas option too. 12.06 £67.95
Good Energy Claims to be 100% from renewable energy sources, apparently the purists choice. Public company on Plus market. 14.74 £33.42

The above are the standard tarrifs at Nov 2011 for our area. Green Energy and Ecotricity have deep green 100% renewable tarrifs at a small premium.

There are a few consumer co-operative windfarms around, including one in Oxfordshire, Westmill Windfarm . There is also a collaboration for community windfarms this includes a step by step guide to those considering such projects.

Perhaps we could get a community interest project going here – if not wind, then maybe tidal ? And since writing this, please see Poole Tidal Energy Partnership – we are underway researching possibilities, Transition Town Poole in partnership with Poole Borough Council and Bournemouth University.

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