Abundance and Harvesting

Cropping an abundance of apples 2010

Cropping an abundance of apples

Cropping and distrubuting Fruit and vegetables

Great projects around

  • planting fruit trees on public land. In Boscombe, trees were given to people to plant in their own gardens. Some of our ideas of greening Poole could be to provide free food trees for harvesting
  • Abundance – harvesting crops that would otherwise go to waste – many people have big fruit trees and no desire/ability/confidence to crop and store them.

Produce share vs landshare – comment on the amount of wasted/windfall fruit and how we could tap into this.

Abundance – Harriet found, and Cherry has promoted a good idea from Sheffield, organising harvest, collection and distribution of fruit going to waste: http://www.growsheffield.com/pages/groShefAbund.html

Sheffield give produce to charities eg homestart, boxes to schools for free distribution

The idea is to agree with the owner that we could crop the tree, and in exchange, they get to keep part of the crop, or perhaps if we juice the fruit, some of the juice.

We  succeeded in getting this going in Poole in a small way as a project for 2010. Crops were collected from several apple trees, and distrubuted via Poole Food Bank, Homestart and the Salvation Army.

Cherry is also keen to work with local shops rather than undermine them. Perhaps we can offer recipe cards (we did an Apple recipie leaflet last Autumn)

It will need some organisation to expand for next year.

  • map the locations of the trees – apparently this has already been done for the old town
  • establish with the owners – fruit going to waste and willing to participate
  • identifying varieties
  • possibilities for vegetable/flower growing and other benefits on the same land
  • potentially buy or make a press to juice excess crop
  • investigate local shops selling local (ungraded) fruit
    • possibly take their surplus of other crops
  • temporary shop – with consent, – free distribution/swap for surplus
  • encourage cooking/preserving skills
  • Use freecycle and fortheloveofit to seek volunteers, trees, skills and tools
  • advert in local paper

But actually, if you have a tree with apples you dont use, or know of one locally,  just crop it. We would just like to see the idea spread, and the apples being productively used.

Our first harvest of 2010

Our first harvest of 2010


  • Cropping season August – November
  • Dorset Food week – 23-31st October

Links to other projects

  • planting trees and cropping plants on common ground and public space
  • edible playgrounds

We have mapped out some ideas for places where trees might yield crops
and the tasks involved in the process

See this site for a resource on Apples www.orangepippin.com

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