Co-op buying

The idea of a consumer co-op is simple.

  • Gather a group of people who want to buy in bulk, or buy stuff together and  split it down – 4 households minimum
  • register with an ethical wholesaler – we’re looking at Essential in Bristol
  • agree where stuff is going to be delivered
  • work out an order valued at at least at £250 to save delivery charges
  • repeat

Or that is the theory.

If you want to join in, take a look at their website and contact Jamie Heckert.

According to their website, their most local stockists are in Bridport and Lymington.

Someone also mentioned Genesis Farmers Co-op in Dorset – fresh meat – I can’t find a web reference.

We also want to look at sourcing food from local suppliers.

If the group grows, or others are interested to start up separate co-ops, we would be keen to spawn more consumer buying groups in the Poole area.

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