Little Green Sunday

Rachel Lamb did lots of investigation, and in the midst of having a baby, produced a document detailing the steps we need to take.

At our December meeting there was a discussion about the right time of year to hold the event, but also about the enormity of the task, and that our efforts for this year should perhaps be to concentrate on running a Transition Town Poole stall at various events, including Grooves on the Green if we can get there.

If you’re keen on getting involved in producing items of interest for our stalls, publicity, or otherwise how we get the message about Transition and what we can each do across to people, please contact Brendan or Tat.

We should be able to get the display boards we used at the Bite the Lighthouse event (in the picture below), plus develop the questionnaire with buzzers that Brendan produced for that event. Whether we repeat the bugs and compost, or go for seed exchanges, seedling givaway or whatever will be up to your bright ideas.

Tat and Harriet in charge

Tat and Harriet in charge

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