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So many items of daily life are dependant on oil for production and transportation. Yet in living memory, many items were made from natural and locally sourced materials, and patched or repaired rather than thrown away when starting to look shabby. We need to regain the skills, and re-engage with using local raw materials that can be sourced in a sustainable way, and avoid buying stuff that is designed to break almost as soon as we’ve bought it.

Craft  – notes by Sue

We discussed how many people are becoming interested in craft as a way of saving money & spending time productively. We felt this would be a good way of bringing people into transition; inviting others to join us and chatting informally.

Jacki has expressed an interest in forming a Mors Pod  leading up to Christmas. See Sue would like to form a knitting group. People in the Poole group already have skills in sewing, knitting, felting, patchwork, jewellery etc.

We thought small informal groups could start meeting together and working on particular crafts, with the aim of joining together, having open meetings 2 or 3 times a year and sharing skills.

We plan to start with two groups; Mors Pod and Knitting group.

2 Responses to Craft Group

  1. Sofia Rufus says:

    Hi there, I am holding a fundraising event in the King Charles Pub, Thames Street to raise funds for Help for Heroes. I have 10 stalls available for hire for £30 and was wondering if you knew of any art and craftsmen and women who would like to sell at this event. There will be live music all day courtesy of Freeplay and anyone purchasing roasts that day will help too as £1 to every one sold will go Help for Heroes.

    I will be giving Seated Acupressure Massages all day (we run a studio in Sandbanks – for a donation of choice.

    I would love to hear from you if you know of anyone that is interested in hiring a stall at this event. I will continue to look at your site too, I am very interested in what you are doing.



  2. Chrissie says:

    If anyone knows how to spin, I can collect my dog hair to produce a yarn for shopping bags, garden string, etc.

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