Apple Pressing 2014

Transition Poole’s Abundance project, together with Cafe 34 in Poole High Street, held an apple pressing day outside the cafe in Poole High Street on 11 October 2014. Lots of interest from families, and kids ready to get stuck into scratting the apples, working the press and drinking the produce.

Apple press in action

All ages had a go at turning the press

creating an apple spiral

Great fun creating apple spirals

Apple spiral making

a complete spiral from one apple

apple press in action

Fizz, Andy, Andrew and Gwyn busy at the press in Poole High Street

Everyone declared the juice to be delicious.

As last year, the flavours changed throughout the day. This year, the mix was mostly Bramley Apples, as there seems to have been many trees in Poole with a lack of crop.

We heard from passers by that other areas in North Dorset and Somerset had a great year, it is interesting how yield varies so much.

We did get a couple of downpours, and at one point the wind blew through very hard, but mostly the sun shone, and plenty of people stopped by for a chat and a taste.

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