TT Poole March

Transition Town Poole – 12 March 2013

At the community cafe

Cherry, Fiona, Nick, Gwyn, Simon, John, Lee, Fizz, and Simon. Gary joined later.

Fair Trade Fortnight Poole – resurrected inititive for Fair Trade status – Amy Gallagher

– stall in Dolphin Centre, giving away fair trade stuff

Have to have 4 ranges permanently on sale

Ashley Cross – only couple of fair trade – Dancing Goat and Red-Roaster – go beyond fair trade, pay more for coffee and cheapest. Dorset Sandwich Shop.

Council and university are in.

Community Cafe – fairtrade – use a handwritten sign

Lush – a lot of stuff is, vending machines are not.

Bournemouth were going for it last Christmas.

Only products can get both local and fairtrade are roses and honey. Co op offer bananas, sugar, chocolate, wine.

How environmentally good are fairtrade crops ?

Is white sugar grown in Norfolk more sustainable than fairtrade cane sugar ?

Earth Charter photos

Pictures of success cards – Earth Charter UK – impact on business. Avonbourne School has adopted the charter completely, Council and 8 or so companies have also adopted, Lush, WDS, Bmth Water, Yellow Buses, Greenhouse Hotel, ASP, Dorset Air Ambulance, Castlepoint. 61 pictures on the website. People who did Earth from the Air producing display stands ‘on tour’. Castlepoint June for 3 weeks, Bmth Square, Poole Town Centre for 3 weeks each. Have 60% of funds agreed. Sunseeker, JP Morgan helping to fund. Other events around it with universities and schools – green and sustainable businesses. Opportunities for involving Transition.

Card sets to 5 schools, aiming for another 10 soon, and 100 local schools eventually. Avonbourne – Earth charter annual awards – care and respect – environment, education, people care.

Aiming to get Dorset 60 pictures of success too.

Climate Week

John was involved in session at Castlepoint – woodturning

Lush – prize for travel survey, potentially a coach to pick people up for work. Potential linkup with Sunseekers and RNLI. Poole council had Wooly Wednesday and other events.

Recycling hub

Lush – Nick – trying to build a Recycling hub, outlined some of Lush’s other green initiatives.

On Ecotricity for energy.

For Climate Week held travel survey, carsharing competition. Turn off on Sundays. Online smart-metering can monitor. LEDs with Low Energy Design in Blandford.

Recycling has outgrown location. Proud of packaging – creating solid products to remove packaging.

Only 40% of what could recycle. Biothermic digestors, cleaning and grinding pots. School trips.

Make-up has reduced recycling rates. Up cycling barrels to rainwater harvesting kits, plastic pots for growing.

Locally socially. Potentially hold meetings there. Looking at offgrid and breaking pallets for heating.

7 tonnes of biowaste –sent to EcoCompost in Chichester. Looked at anaerobic digestion – fussy eater. Reducing volume by 75%. Referred them to New Earth at Canford Magna and South Wessex Waste Management. Provide Compost for Holton Lee. If recycled here could offer Peat free compost for sale. Fruit skins and peelings.

Discussion around Warmcell – waste paper to insulation – closed loop. Potential for council once done.

Transition Free Press paper

Andy bought 20, aim to distribute at £1 with net proceeds going to TT Poole. Not sure when the next one is out, but this is marked Spring 2013. Several people bought a copy.


John showed a video about PTEP made in conjunction with the university. Are concentrating on heat extraction with a compressor and are looking to get a heat pump into Upton Country Park within a year. Many examples shown of existing schemes in operation in Sweden, which show potential. Several companies interested in benefitting, Rockley Park etc.

Composting course

At Upton – Fiona and John attended. Very pleased that compost producing is good.

18 people attended, all had experience of composting, small gardens to farms/smallholdings, but found the course useful.

Planning to do a course monthly – details on UCP website.

Urban Living Landscape

Consortium of conservation charities, lead by the Dorset Wildlife Trust are looking to buy Canford Estate lands, recently offered for sale. Have paid a seven figure sum and got a Heritage Lottery grant of £85,900 towards the Urban Living Landscape, corridor of land good for wildlife surrounding Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. Further £500,000 to be raised by public from spring to complete purchase. See the Echo article for more details:

Also, there’s a consultation on a Preferred Options Document about the management of Dorset Heathlands, see

Poole Leisure projects – Harriet

Would Transition be interested ? Better to engage the people around and get them involved ?

What they are planting looks good, building hills and planting trees at the bottom. Had they checked the water table ?

Questions – grants for double glazing, cavity wall, roof insultation – Fiona

Turners update aim to plant on 6th April, subject to broadfork. Plant 6 nut trees, keep the rest until Autumn. Water and fertility issues.

magic hat £15.30 and meeting venues, paid £20 to Fizz for tonight.

Next meeting : 9th April 2013 at Friends

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