TT Poole 17 May

Transition Town Poole 17 May 2012

13 of us met at the Friends House
Gary, Fiona, Andy, Harriet, Gwyn, Cherry, Madeline, Jamie, John, Barbara
Clare Sutton from PHP
Paul from Borough of Poole


Energy Descent action plan
Transition Picnic
Green Community fair
Dorset Land network
Turners nursery
Magic hat – to pay for use of the room
teas and coffees – we never got to that this time !

Clare Sutton

PHP, 2 year lottery funded scheme to get people vegetable gardening
– ran voluntary sector project in London – Culpeppers
community garden in Weymouth
MA in climate change
2 year lottery funded – new roots project. To get tenants to grow food.
Poole’s council housing, large chunk of social housing in Poole
2 sheltered
Hamworthy scheme
Parkstone – Cynthia Close
bit of impetus, facilitating their project.

Focussing on big housing schemes and general needs
Turlin moor, big housing scheme – interesting mix.

Has found a core of 8 people keen to move it forwards.
In first year, suggestion from Clare – get kids to plant potatoes, and dig as a community.

Food bank at Turlin moor – could contribute to.

Paul Cooling – BoP Carbon Reduction Manager

Power optimisation project – showed massive reduction on first week
Biomass boiler at Merley school. RHI £4,000 per year for the school.
£200,000 from DECC – energy from waste report – aerothermal.

BoP utility costs
07/8 3,157K
08/9 4,030
09/10 3,894
10/11 3,747

Last year looking hopeful in all cases but one.
Reductions – headcount has gone down.

Gone down for all areas except for Schools – gone up from 4,367 to 7,220 tCO2

Covenant of mayors – Nottingham declaration with teeth. Started in Spain.
Carrot – access to EU funding. Need a new list of projects within a year of starting.

Boroughwide emissions. Baselined 2005. Collected by the government – 2 years behind. Reduciton per captia by 2009 of 13.9 tonnes. Use petrol sales etc.

targets for per capita emissions down to 2 tonnes CO2 per capita by 2050

Coordinating group meeting quarterly (COMO)
Schools, public sector
renwable initiatives
Industrial and commerce
On-call technical experts

Upton House
Currently Gas heated 361,313 Kwh pa for £9,100
Solar thermal, tidal, wind turbine, woodchip

Aim for developing a steering group, and inviting TTPoole to participate.

Solar PV – PHP – recycling some of the money for further energy saving measures.
It was a loan, 9-10 year payback.

Energy security as well as cost and carbon. People seeing benefits.

Dorset Land network – Jamie

Land based projects → Cherry Tree nursery – partly from a number of mental health projects “Care Farming”, broadening to community engagement with land. Email and Facebook group. If anyone wants to be added.

URLs for the Dorset Land Network:!forum/dorsetlandnetwork

Open to folk involved in non-profit land-based projects in or near Dorset.

Transition BH Picnic – Gwyn

Council – nothing happening at Ashley Cross until September – wrong !.
Aim for Transition picnic in July – one of middle 2 weekends. Roll forwards based on 48 hour ahead prediciton.
13/14th July Olympic flame coming through. Also Larmer Tree.
So aim for 21st/22nd July. One week before most kids break up for summer.

Poole Green Community Arts fair – Harriet

3/4th June. Any publicity welcome. Poole Park, part of Dorset Art Week.
Chairs for people to sit and talk.

Turners Field – Jamie
Full council has passed the resolution that part should be for community use in partnership with the schools. Not seen the notes of the meeting.
Sewerage – Wessex water backtracked, not got the money, may not be the right solution, may be 3-4 years to get to it. Hope to talk directly to Wessex Water.
Sunday 27 May 10am , or something in June.

26th May WDS and Bournemouth Water – Sustainability Knots – organised walks through green spaces between companies. WDS at Alder Hills – through nature reserve up to the University. They’re thinking benches and bins etc. Intent good, but may need some help. Might be worth going along and being involved 9-11am

7-8th July Lushfest – Gwyn

They pay £15 per family for staff to attend Weds-Friday. Keen to get Transition involved. All offgrid, hands on making own things. Matt from Transition Blandford works in Lush.
Sat/Sunday – attend and promote activities. PTEP, Ecotricity. Looking for offgrid cinema and stage. Likely to be Holton Lea or Canford Magna. If we need new display materials, they might pay for it.

Energy Descent action plan – Gary
Creative descent in energy use, pollution and population
Higher oil prices will flow through to all commodities (metals, timbers food)

Functions, systems, elements.
Earth, people, fair shares.

Peak soil – living soils – Trophic pyramids – need for 10x at the lower levels.

Low tech solutions – sundried fruit
Perenniel crops – ongoing harvests.
Rabbits and fish
What pleasure does the landscape bring
Retrofitting houses.
Local currency

Ethics and design principles
7 domains, weaving together

Kinsale Action plan – good ideas.
Kingland Road and Cherry Tree Nursery – lots of people looking for young food plants.
Encouraging restaraunts etc

Harriet raised last time – where is our direction ?

Do we need to measure everything ?
Do because you believe it is right, or because it is demonstrably right.
Seeing a farmer – how will that affect my bottom line ?

Energy descent menu – projects we do, projects we like elsewhere
invitation for people to get involved
how do we value the projects

Other things happening in Poole that are connected

Spectrum of media outlets – encouraging people to think about what they are doing.
Local website through to BBC Solent.

Next meeting – Tuesday 19th June

Gwyn to facilitate – constructing the menu, analyse a couple of projects
Madeline – formulate a media plan

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