Tidal Power Update

The team were very busy at the end of September, gathering more formal support from the various organisations that have expressed an interest in the project. We went to see the local MP, who was keen to have a photo with us (our combined technology let us down), and to suggest some other potential sources of grants.

Paul obtained official support from the Borough of Poole. We were getting close to the deadline for submissions, and normal last minute unseen complications arose, like the need to advertise before the council can formally support our scheme (although the idea originated within the Borough). Fortunately this came through in time.

Poole Tidal Energy Partners

Carter Community School have formally written in support, as has the Poole Housing Partnership, Nature England, East Dorset Friends of the Earth, and both Poole and Dorset Agenda 21. At a recent ‘Open Doors’ event in the New Forest, Andy saw a great river fed heat pump in action at a watermill near Lymington (see http://transitionpoole.org.uk/?p=790 ), and we have heard of a massive and longstanding community heating project in Stockholm, Sweden powered by a seawater sourced heat pump. There are a few examples elsewhere using seawater as the source, and this is especially exciting as it could be very unobtrusive, and use the energy very locally to community benefit in the town.

We are going through the application process for registering as a Community Interest Company. This ensures that any grants are used to community benefit, and that the ideas and results from our study are safeguarded. A team of 5 (four of us pictured above) will form the core directors.

 We made a last push for ‘supporters’ before the deadline on 30th September. It was clear that other groups were doing the same. At one point we reached 9th most popular project, but dropped back to a great 10th position for the close at 5pm. We hope the judges will be looking at the quality of the application, but knowing that we have the support for the project from people living both far away and nearby is important to us too, and the numbers continue rising. If you haven’t joined them, please go to http://www.energyshare.com/poole-tidal-energy-partnership , click on ‘support this group’ and follow the instructions.

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