Abundance stall

Cherry, Andrew and Andy took a table at the Oakdale Community Centre Tabletop sale on Sat 4th September. Ten minutes before the start, Cherry and Andy made a dash up the road to a couple with an immaculate garden, and a lovely Bramley Apple tree. The couple don’t eat apples and were glad to have us crop them, and these were the well received by people at the stall.

The chatter was as important as handing over the apples – Some peole took convincing – no, they are free, or for a donation.  And several said that they have as many as they want, or take surplus from neighbours, which is just what we want to promote.

Abundance stall at Oakdale Community Centre


We plan to attend other event s through the autumn, and are looking at the possibility of getting a juicer, if we can get a grant. Welcome any help to move things forwards.

Crop at Oakdale Community Centre Sept 2011

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