Abundance Approaches

As the early morning chill heralds the approach of autumn, my fruit trees are groaning under their abundant load. So much so that on returning from holiday, I sadly found a large bough ripped off the tree I planted a few years ago, with a whole box full of partially ripe apples still attached.

Which set me to thinking early about what I might do to preserve or use them, in turn which naturally these days led me past my cookery books, and to a search online.

One recipie which seems very simple, and quite a bit wicked, was Apple Crisp. From the online references and never having heard of it, particularly an American recipie. http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/apple_crisp/

The other surplus whilst we were away was runner beans. I always seem to go to great efforts to beat the slugs, and achieve only a few plants, only to miss the crop for long enough to have stringy over-bulging, oversized and inedible results.

Online there are two views. Stick them on the compost heap (I dont like that answer on principle), or try soup. http://everything-runnerbean.com/cooking-and-eating.html#beansoup. I tried making soup, it was edible, but not a joy.

Cherry has plans for Abundance in Oakdale. There is an opportunity to take a table at the Oakdale Residents Community Association (ORCA) table top sales on 3rd September and 1st October 2011 at Wimborne Rd, Oakdale. Inviting people to bring their surplus and/or take what is there.

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  1. gaia says:

    Hallo, Cherry
    There’s a huge pear tree at xx xxxxxxx Road. The fruit’s just lying on the ground.
    The owner’s an old lady. If I tell her about Abundance and she gives permission, do you want to collect them from me. My bicycle won’t carry all there are.
    Let me know

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