Tidal Power

Tidal Power Partnership in Poole Harbour

We’ve been climbing through the ranks, now in the top 20 projects counted by the number of supporters registered on the www.energyshare.com/poole-tidal-energy-partnership website. Need to keep momentum until midnight on 30th June. And then we found, that was just the deadline to apply, further supporters most welcome.

Some great comments from supporters;  Great to hear the passion, concern and positivity;

“I’m a regular fisherman and user of Poole Harbour and surrounding coastline. Keen to see renewable energy ways that do not devastate the scenic coastline (like wind turbines) however appreciate we can no longer be reliant on fossil fuels.”

“I am a 66 year old male who has taken the worlds resources for granted all my life.I feel we need to leave something for our grandchildren ”

“I support alternative energy and work overlooking the harbour – I’d like to think that my energy supply was local and sustainable. ”

“I believe green energy solutions need to be implemented for the good of everyone and the plant, Poole is a perfect place to use tidal energy and set an example for all ”

“mum of 4 concerned about the world they will inherit for their children. supporter of Transition initiative and actively trying to reduce family energy consumption…. ”


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