TT Poole June 14th

Transition Town Poole Monthly Meeting

Notes by Rob Walpole

14th June 2011, Old Stables,

10 people attended

Key Points:-

PTEP (Poole Tidal Energy Partnership):-

Paul, Andy H and John discussed progress of this bid. If successful the funding will pay for a feasibility report with research from
Bournemouth University. We are aiming for the full amount initially (£100k) which should also pay for instrumentation costs to measure
tidal power. Aside from tidal energy, alternative energy sources were mentioned such as the weir at Canford which may have potential as a
future project (see also
Bournemouth are also putting in a bid.
We talked about how this needs to be viewed as a community initiative rather than a commercial venture and asked if it would  be beneficial
to set up a community interest company (CIC) ? (Gwyn is experienced with this). This will be raised again at a later meeting should the bid progress.
Andy will seek clarification around ownership of intellectual property rights on this project.
Time is of the essence as the initial stage for the bid needs to be completed by 30th of June (including any support).
Awareness is there that if  successful on phase 1 of the bid, new terms and conditions will apply for subsequent phases

What’s next?

A meeting is planned at Bournemouth University on Friday 17th of June and following on from this a press release and standardised letter
will go out to interested parties.
Also, we established which key organisations and groups needed to be briefed such as the Harbour Commissioners, Fishermen, harbour environmental groups, Friends of the Earth and RNLI. Further talks are required with Rockley Park. Paul Andy and Harriet are to pick up the majority of this contact work between them.

Support should be forthcoming from stakeholder influences (e.g. BU, harbour commissioners and Poole council) but need local residents and organisations to vote for the bid at asap. The top 100 applications will be considered initially.

Big Green Fortnight:-

We talked about the highlights of this event which included…

Transition training at Holton Lee:-

Mike, Rob and Trevann attended this two day workshop detailing how to set up or re-energise an initiative. It was attended by current transitioners from North and West Dorset, council employees, the newly-initiated(!) and the curious. As well as enjoying the fantastic therapeutic qualities of the location, individuals came away with access to a huge amount of Transition resources via the trainer’s Dropbox application and (hopefully) the inspiration to go forth and make a difference.
It was clear that there needs to be a better link between the different Transition initiatives in Dorset so that we can share
learnings and support. John mentioned that there is work being done at national level to improve connections and the next national newsletter should have some info about this.

Kinson Bring and Take. Cherry attended this and will hopefully talk about this at a future meeting.

‘A Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole’:-

Gwyn, Mike, Harriet and Andy H attended this. This was a talk by Dr Alan Knight OBE exploring how businesses in our local communities could
embrace sustainability initiatives. A controversial point was raised around the use of technology in that actually as it continually
progresses, there are certain benefits for the environment. For example virtual technologies such as entertainment streaming (MP3/MP4
etc) mean that less physical products have to be manufactured thus reducing energy usage. This idea was not embraced by everybody! What
seems clear however is that businesses need to be engaged with, not avoided, as they will need to address the issues we share if they are
to survive.

‘The Pipe’:-

The inspiring film about an Irish community’s battle with Shell to avoid their area being invaded by miles of unwelcome pipeline. The
director was in attendance at this showing at Poole Arts Centre and was able to talk about his experiences directly. This was attended by
Harriet, Trevann and Gwyn.

Public Health Showcase :‘Going green is good for you’:-

Gwyn, Mike and Andy H attended this. The general feeling was that the discussion was good but there was a lack of clarity as to what actions
would follow.

The Green-Unity Fair:-

Attended by the majority of us! Definitely one of the highlights of the fortnight.The professionalism,organisation and execution of this
was applauded. And it was fun! It was commented that the Transition BH marquee set-up with cheese and wine could be used as a template by our group for future events as it made for a relaxed atmosphere and ideal networking area. The event team delivered their target by breaking-even!

The general summary of the fortnight was that there were some great events, insufficient publicity from our local press (despite breifing and promises) and some fantastic networking opportunities leading to new contacts but we  could still have benefitted from more new faces checking the events out.

Summary of Schools’ Activities:-

Harriet discussed the “Living For One world” (see earlier post) event in October and requested some support. John and his bicycle-powered generator will be in huge demand. There are ongoing activities at St. Mary’s and Baden Powell school and on July 1st there is an event at St. Edward’s. Staff at Bournemouth and Poole college are getting together to form a ‘Transition Together’  group. Gwyn is supporting the college and Poole
High. Planned activities include food-based workshops during school ‘Enrichment Days’ using the LOAF criteria. At Poole High, high-
achieving pupils can look forward to 6x 1.5 hour sessions based upon Sustainability and Transition. The criteria for these isn’t fixed so
Gwyn is open to ideas from the group that can be incorporated.
Reference was also made to the sterling work happening at St. Aldhelms which Tony and Gary are involved with (see last meeting’s minutes) and
some of the works in process such as the community allotment, the nature walk, the annually rebuildable teaching block (John is
especially keen to get involved with this).

Big Green Believers:-

Mike and Sue attended this meeting of the Inter-faith Dorset Action Organisation. Eighty-six organisations responded to the invitation to
this and sixty were there on the day. There are five action groups from Dorset and the South-West now working on an action plan and there
should be a document by the end of the year detailing the cross- communal sustainability plan which links in with the Earth Charter.


Gwyn is aiming to get the BH Hub newsletter out next week and is asking for articles. Gary has some permaculture features to go in and Rob will be writing about the BGF Transition Training. Any other articles will be welcomed. There are currently 404 people on the newsletter mailing list.

Gyratory System:-

The meeting started and finished with the gyratory system in the centre of Poole Old Town. The feeling was that this is a total waste
of money and will destroy a historic and beautiful part of our town. Also if implemented the system wouldn’t be needed for two years and
would send construction traffic down West Street rather than West Quay Road which is designed to take the heavy traffic. If the gyratory
system does go ahead we will probably see a huge building akin to the LV building at the County Gates gyratory system on a future phase. Do
we want this eyesore being replicated in Poole? Clearly not. Write to your council asap to say no!
Andrew has an alternative plan that will minimise works traffic through our residential areas and will be low cost in comparison to
the council’s proposal. He wants to present this to the council with Andy H.

The next meeting is planned for 14th July at the Old Stables. See you there!

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