TT Poole 19 May

Transition Town Poole – 19 May 2011
Old Stables, Poole

14 of us met

Issues to raise

DPD – John
Bring and Take

Welcome to Gary – Parkstone and Sandra – Tatnam
Paul Cooling –
– Funding
– Biomass boiler – school
– Project – Spare heat
Harriet – BGF events
– schools
Andy – Bridge approach
Gary – Kemp Welch

Big Green Fortnight – Imminent – Events

Cycle powered film – 26th Hamworthy
have stuff for teas & coffees
cycling – may be noisy and distraction
volunteers to bring cakes or biscuits
John – advertising in Library etc
Councils community team –
Andy to contact Charmaine

Other films at the Lighthouse

Monday night at AUCB – series of animated films by students – Films with a Green Tinge

Green economy for B&P – Green House Hotel – 1st June

4th June – Shelley Park – Green Unity Fair – grown into quite an event – solar powered

Getting leaflets printed
Agreed Andy to try and get something done – and spend money

This Saturday – B&P College community fest 11-4pm North Road campus – Danecourt end
John with bike, BGF and International Womens Day


School – Merley First School – biomass boiler – engagement event with community prior to planning process. Reduce emissions from current gas boiler 60Kw Biomass – Econogy. Wood pellet -can’t make woodchip as competitively as buying it. Renewable Heat Incentive announced. – Heat equivalent of electricity FITs. £4,000 saving per year.

Pellets – need to procure, looking at Okehampton, Maidenhead and a third (but where does wood come from ?).
Jon – wood briquets – Poole college – have lots of these, difficulty in selling. Should join the two up. Paul is keen that the first years operation runs smoothly with good quality fuel, as exemplar for others to potentially follow.

Aim for installation in August

Energy Share visit to River Cottage.
Film producers owning RC– partnership with British Gas. £3M to give away over 3 years. £100-500k to give away. Registration deadline 30th June. Looking for community based generation projects – PR angle.
Solar PV – possibly most attractive FITS payback – lots of competition. Councils can’t apply.
Letters of support on website
innovation – so probably not PV
interested in longer term, so money for reports could get support
project delivered in 12 months
Sustainable environment partnership – Interesting and innovative, lots of support.

Water stored in the landscape ?
Solar thermal
retrofitting on existing stock
Upton facilities
tidal flows – Holes Bay, Lychett Bay, Harbour entrance
Community Interest company opportunity
there was a motion by councillors – potential Poole Harbour without interfering with maritime traffic
Report last year – skirted across harbour entrance
John, Andy, Andrew, Ian, Sandra – interested to be involved

Paul Cooling – Heat exchanger – 90Kw exhaust emmissions, 45Kw to heat building & hot water.
Daytime operation, storage vessel
Thermal Mass – greenhouse on roof. Probably not. Land alongside
Why not reduce the power used – no, essential – established dead centre.

Turners Field – good publicity in Echo and Advertiser, coffee morning really good for those who turned up. Jamie and Caris did a great job. Brian Clements very supportive.

Landshare – One in Oakdale – successfully matched


Baden Powell Middle School – Kelly – interested in cycle power

Poole High – Sustainability session in the Autumn

Gary – St Aldhems Academy – Martin Jones – kids that don’t fit academic model – project Sifunda – from South Africa. Tony Trent got Gary along. Veg garden in school, working with horses – have to do maths when use darts.

Woodland on edge, old rugby fields. Wants to turn into community garden – community centre with straw bale building DCRS. Schools can apply for energy funding project too.

Grooves on Green 10th July
do we want to be involved with recycling on site ?
Not really – reduce – what about getting a deposit on plastic glasses

Site Specific Allocation Policies DPD

John produced a diagram to understand the relationships
Ability to reserve policies – review and disband or subsume into new documents
Development management policies – have to fit within Sustainable Community Strategy.
Public consultations – process 2007 to 2010
All views will be analysed and summarised in a report early 2011
John has found out where this will be on the website
Paul offered to take back to colleague in Strategic Planning for comment and feedback

Bring and Take

Andy has talked to Louise in Consumer Protection.
John talked to John Randall manager of Dorset Reclaim on Nuffield Estate, 01202 679080 3 Didcott Road
not a lot in it for them because left with the rubbish. He is talking to Poole council to get going. From Andy’s conversation, BoP havent got space to deal with stuff whilst redeveloping their waste transhipment centre, so not likely till Autumn, question of whether we can sort something sooner.

Next Meetings

Tues June 14th Old Stables

June 21st Hamworthy Fire Station

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