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Mors Pods recycle old materials to make durable shopping bags. Groups worldwide are coming together to create bags and then give them away, in the hope of spreading goodwill and reducing the use of plastic bags, made from oil, and intended to be used once, then thrown in landfill. As Jacki suggests below, this can be a very sociable exercise, and an opportunity to chat about green issues over a bottle of wine.

The next generation making Mors Bags

The next generation making Mors Bags

September is here and I have LOADS of material!  I’ve been thinking along the lines of making bags to do a Xmas special outside Sainsbury’s or wherever, that being the season of goodwill and giving an’ all that..
Not sure how many people are interested in getting together (once a fortnight?) to make bags (and learn some other crafty skills if anyone is prepared to share their knowledge…..) and share a bottle of wine.  Please would interested people get in touch?

See the green calendar for dates or contact Jacki or Harriet

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  1. Andy says:

    Did anyone hear about the Mors bag maker on the fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square – 22 Sept, and on Radio2 in the evening !

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