The Big Lunch

There were Three Big Lunches in Poole as advertised via the worldwide map on – all had Poole Transition folk involved in getting them going. 

Sue and Ian ran an event for their street last year, FeltCon Communty Group near Constitution Hill. This year, Sue reports that they had good fun again. 38 people across the entire age range came, and the event ended with a game of giant Jenga. 

Jenga at Poole Big Lunch

Jenga at Poole Big Lunch


Andy and Clare hosted the “Heart of Stanley Green” lunch. We had 18 people come from Stanley Green Road, Hiley Road, Oakfield Road, and Vicarage Road. Many of them had not met before, and though we’ve been here for 18 years, I recognised few faces. Good chatter and far too much good food in the sunshine. 

Big Lunch Cooks at Stanley Green

Stanley Green Big Lunch Cooking underway


Emily and Paul set the Poole Old town lunch going. 

There’s an entry and some pictures on their website at 

Paul says : We had a good day – not massive numbers but great atmosphere and really appreciated by all who came – some possible contacts for the Children’s Centre garden.

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