TT Poole meet 13 Jan

TT Poole Meeting Weds 13 Jan 2010

14 of us met in the Grasshopper Simon and Ian facilitating.

Transition together

Harriet summarised -we have potential to produce 200 sets of leaflets, money and support (across BH area). Need volunteers to get involved in tailoring the leaflets to the local area. Currently in .ppt and .pdf formats. A group of volunteers were keen. Andy suggested this may change depending on topic, might want to concentrate on early ones, and get the scheme going before complete review.

Little Green Sunday

Bit of a discussion around what was covered at the last meeting. Rachel has done tons of investigation, but it was agreed too much to run our own event this year. We should aim to take a stall at this years Grooves on the Green event (July), but also spread around the borough and attend other people’s events, experimenting with the message, and developing on last year’s materials. Potentially aim to run something on the green (or elsewhere) as part of Big Green Fortnight next year.

Big Lunch

Everyone encouraged to organise a community creating event under the banner of 18th July 2010. Unlikely to get official sanction to close roads, but perhaps use public greens, front gardens, or a critical mass. Ian and Sue started theirs by taking seedlings to neighbours. The sense of community has continued forwards.

Food co-ops

Jamie keen to bulk buy. Need a significant order to get direct. Bristol based Their nearest stockists are Bridport and Lymington. Shame nothing closer.

Someone also mentioned Genesis Farmers Co-op in Dorset – fresh meat – cant find a web reference

Ian read out the many personal visions from the november meeting.
These were felt to be a powerful resource for ‘if this is what engages us, perhaps we can use it to engage others’. Linden was concerned that they did not convey a sense of urgency. Andrew suggested that the entire current building stock is not adequate if we are going to get more cold winters – bricks and cement will just disintegrate. Need wood cladding, metal and glass.

Discussed a mission statement. Kath went away to work on this.
“Finding positive ways to combat climate change, prepare for a life beyond cheap fuel and rebuild a sense of community in Poole” a bit long and wooly Andy.
Jamie came up with “Doing for each other what we have got used to cheap oil having done for us”. which was liked more.

Simon shared an energy descent graph, with some of the ‘Transition steps’. Discussed practical projects as engaging people otherwise likely to drift away. Brendan suggested DofE community projects. Sue suggested preparing materials for schools to use, or offering to go and talk to schoolchildren.

Also wanted to create a publicity working group. If we’re going for stalls at a number of events, neet to work on materials to engage people. Brendan and Tat happy to co-ordinate, a number of other people willing to help.

Energy Descent plan – Kinsale produced a massive document – surely something for the wordsmiths at the local Boroughs, with us offering encouragement, ideas, practical projects ? Should interact with Paul Coolie – Carbon Reduction officer, and Don Collier, Portfolio holder.

The idea of a very visible building. Lindley referred to one in Cornwall with wind turbines on the top, and the knowledge amongst locals that it was a comfortable building, needing little heating.
Andrew mentioned the Earth Ship in Scotland (in Fife) could we create something as part of Turners Field or at another location ?

Andy mentioned the Yellow House guide to Eco-Renovation (based on experiences in a Victorain terraced house in Oxford) – a CD that Gary has. Andy found it is all online

Childrens Centre – Old Town. Paul is involved in work on a community garden in the school grounds – Langland Street. Reconnect project, Meeting 11am this Sunday.
Also Tatnam Organic Patch Workday – meeting this Saturday 11am

Discussion around how we interact with other groups in Poole – we are very small. We are an organisation, but we are trying to create a movement – membership is not important, sharing ideas and practice is.
Paul recommended reading Tipping Point – Michael Gladwell

Linking with other Transition groups, PA21, DA21 – Sustainability calendar was mentioned, not all aware of it.
On both our website, BH website, DA21 website …
Could we get it onto the BoP Services site. May have more luck with Poole Partnership website, though less high profile.

Lindley recommended not forgetting Oxfam as a potential ally. Very strong at trying to link the dichotomy between us and the third world,
and global impacts. Presence on the high street very worthwhile.


Cherry keen to get apple collection off the ground – some other communities Sheffield? (Harriet had found this link before ). Some have got this very organised, how to store and process the crops etc. Would need to spend between now and the Autumn getting organised. Also how to work with local shops to sell at a fair price and not undermine them. Potentially also creating outlets for leaflets on why local is good – food miles, oil use, packaging.

Next meeting

An offer of Coffee, Cake and Candy on the high street, the bow-windowed shop opposite where Woolworths used to be (half way down the pedestrianised section). Owner prepared to open early evening just for us, and to run the coffee/bar. In addition to teas and coffee’s – local beers, larger and wines.

Suggested two dates – thinking ahead. Usual problem, so one Tues, one Weds

Tues 9th February– Brendan and Jamie to co-ordinate. (this does clash with McLibel film showing at Dorchester County museum)
Idea to try and work up some practical projects for 2010 – who wants to promote a project ??? Ideas to B&J
Weds 10th March. Same venue, then review.

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