TT Poole – 17th Nov

Tues 17th Nov 7:30 pm – 9:30pm at the Grasshopper, Bournemouth Road

Facilitated by Gwyn (Jacki was en La France)

(Was 10th, moved to avoid clash with the Wimborne Climate Change talk)

Notes by Harriet

I’m sure that Gwyn (who was facilitating) will be sending some notes in due course, including the visions we jotted on post-its, but in the mean time I can give you my impression. I thought it was a happy
occasion. Usual suspects plus a few new faces. We had discussion of  next year’s Ashley Cross Little Green Sunday event, food group, plans for Transition Together, energy group then broke into smaller groups to come up with our visions for a better, brighter Poole.

On the down side it was difficult to hear against the background pub noise when we were trying to hold a discussion between all 20(?) people there. We’re perhaps in danger of growing out of the Grasshopper?

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