TT Poole Meeting 5th Oct

Transition Poole meeting  held on Monday 5 October 7.30 – 9.30pm at the Grasshopper

Hosted by Mark and Brendon.

1.Transition Poole Energy Meeting indroduction by Gwyn
2. Screen Bites Ideas Meeting Wednesday 7th October 7:30pm- Tat
3. 350 Campaign update -Harriet 24th October
4. Possibility of food at film evenings investigation- Helen


Split people into two groups for a role play experiment

– Opinion 1. No Action required on use of fossil fuels and CO2 levels
are not a concern.
– Opinion 2. Action required to transition from fossil fuel dependency
and to lower CO2 levels.

After which each group should provide compelling arguements to
convince the other side to change their ideas ?  This hope is to
provide new insight and ideas that might influence communities.

How did it go ?

* Gwyn gave us a Transition Poole Energy Meeting recap and discussed the aims and objectives of the group.
* Tat announced the Screen Bites Ideas meeting (now passed) for those interested in brainstorming ideas for our Food week stand.
*Jackie mentioned the 350 Campaign date 24th October for us to wear blue and participate for an awareness publicity shoot.

The group activity this week was to spark debate in a role play experiment with the room split in two, half for and half against action on the current use of fossil fuels and CO2 levels.

It was at times a very heated but fun debate with those “non-greens” decidedly having the upper hand for doing nothing.  We also learnt that acting socially responsible was a complex issue and it was very easy to loose focus for the group and to get bogged down in a vast number of issues and feeling powerless.  It was agreed that transition should focus on what changes we as individuals can make to reduce energy consumption and CO2 levels.

Next meeting Tuesday 10th November, agenda to be announced shortly, facilitated by Gwyn and Jacki

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