Meeting at Gwyns

Ten of us met at Gwyn’s on a cold evening in November.

We talked around several topics following the recent film showings, and areas we might  want to take forwards. There were a couple of people new to TT Poole, so there was some recap on projects we’ve done in the past.

Poole Bay Pound

Areas like Totnes, Bristol and Lewis have a local currency, to encourage people to shop locally and value things happening on their doorstep. The mayor of Bristol apparently has asked to be paid in Bristol Pounds.

Could we do something similar here – perhaps with Bournemouth. Why not ?

Sustainable Transport 

Andy highlighted the current consultation from South Western Railways on changing their timetables. Its a mixed bag for Dorset, and certainly not a major uplift of the offer. Slow trains will go to Portsmouth rather than London, the fast trains a couple of minutes quicker by cutting out some stations.

The council had a grant for road resurfacing on a number of major routes, and is taking the opportunity to improve the painted cycleways. This is good as it overcomes some of the width problems (though still a challenge on Blandford Road). It could be so much better to protect the space, at least with light separation if not solid kerbs.

The West Quay approaches to the Bridges is another matter. The on-road cycleways are to be removed, and pavement links built instead. After protesting, these will be partially segregated. Its a dogs breakfast. They keep claiming to promote sustainable travel, yet where it matters most, failing to deliver.


Big discussion around Incredible Edible and other food initiatives. There is a Food Assembly in Bournemouth, could we have one in Poole ? People order directly from the food producer online, and meet them at a venue. Potentially a sociable way to cut out the middlemen, and support local producers.

A wider discussion about how greengrocers don’t seem to survive, and whether just starting with sharing vegetables from somewhere like Holton Lea, building on our Food Co-op might be a start point.

Also discussion of a fish co-op, and community funded farming, community fridges.

There was a wider discussion around other opportunities – give and take. repair cafe and recycling, and the use of a concept of Meanwhile Space, who facilitate temporary use of unused shops etc It might be possible to just do something with landlords in the Town.


The Sustainable Dorset website aims to bring together what is going on across the county,  and using local enthusiasts to update it. Need to work with this.

Harriet was keen to see the TTP website revamped, a bid for funding has failed. Well I’ll do what I can.

The Street Support website was mentioned as a well laid out site to learn from.

Gwyn and Leigh shared lots of nibbles, tea, and space by their warming wood burner.

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