Transition Town Poole – 12 March 2013

At the community cafe

Cherry, Fiona, Nick, Gwyn, Simon, John, Lee, Fizz, and Simon. Gary joined later.

Fair Trade Fortnight Poole – resurrected inititive for Fair Trade status – Amy Gallagher

– stall in Dolphin Centre, giving away fair trade stuff

Have to have 4 ranges permanently on sale

Ashley Cross – only couple of fair trade – Dancing Goat and Red-Roaster – go beyond fair trade, pay more for coffee and cheapest. Dorset Sandwich Shop.

Council and university are in.

Community Cafe – fairtrade – use a handwritten sign

Lush – a lot of stuff is, vending machines are not.

Bournemouth were going for it last Christmas.

Only products can get both local and fairtrade are roses and honey. Co op offer bananas, sugar, chocolate, wine.

How environmentally good are fairtrade crops ?

Is white sugar grown in Norfolk more sustainable than fairtrade cane sugar ?

Earth Charter photos

Pictures of success cards – Earth Charter UK – impact on business. Avonbourne School has adopted the charter completely, Council and 8 or so companies have also adopted, Lush, WDS, Bmth Water, Yellow Buses, Greenhouse Hotel, ASP, Dorset Air Ambulance, Castlepoint. 61 pictures on the website. People who did Earth from the Air producing display stands ‘on tour’. Castlepoint June for 3 weeks, Bmth Square, Poole Town Centre for 3 weeks each. Have 60% of funds agreed. Sunseeker, JP Morgan helping to fund. Other events around it with universities and schools – green and sustainable businesses. Opportunities for involving Transition.

Card sets to 5 schools, aiming for another 10 soon, and 100 local schools eventually. Avonbourne – Earth charter annual awards – care and respect – environment, education, people care.

Aiming to get Dorset 60 pictures of success too.

Climate Week

John was involved in session at Castlepoint – woodturning

Lush – prize for travel survey, potentially a coach to pick people up for work. Potential linkup with Sunseekers and RNLI. Poole council had Wooly Wednesday and other events.

Recycling hub

Lush – Nick – trying to build a Recycling hub, outlined some of Lush’s other green initiatives.

On Ecotricity for energy.

For Climate Week held travel survey, carsharing competition. Turn off on Sundays. Online smart-metering can monitor. LEDs with Low Energy Design in Blandford.

Recycling has outgrown location. Proud of packaging – creating solid products to remove packaging.

Only 40% of what could recycle. Biothermic digestors, cleaning and grinding pots. School trips.

Make-up has reduced recycling rates. Up cycling barrels to rainwater harvesting kits, plastic pots for growing.

Locally socially. Potentially hold meetings there. Looking at offgrid and breaking pallets for heating.

7 tonnes of biowaste –sent to EcoCompost in Chichester. Looked at anaerobic digestion – fussy eater. Reducing volume by 75%. Referred them to New Earth at Canford Magna and South Wessex Waste Management. Provide Compost for Holton Lee. If recycled here could offer Peat free compost for sale. Fruit skins and peelings.

Discussion around Warmcell – waste paper to insulation – closed loop. Potential for council once done.

Transition Free Press paper

Andy bought 20, aim to distribute at £1 with net proceeds going to TT Poole. Not sure when the next one is out, but this is marked Spring 2013. Several people bought a copy.


John showed a video about PTEP made in conjunction with the university. Are concentrating on heat extraction with a compressor and are looking to get a heat pump into Upton Country Park within a year. Many examples shown of existing schemes in operation in Sweden, which show potential. Several companies interested in benefitting, Rockley Park etc.

Composting course

At Upton – Fiona and John attended. Very pleased that compost producing is good.

18 people attended, all had experience of composting, small gardens to farms/smallholdings, but found the course useful.

Planning to do a course monthly – details on UCP website.

Urban Living Landscape

Consortium of conservation charities, lead by the Dorset Wildlife Trust are looking to buy Canford Estate lands, recently offered for sale. Have paid a seven figure sum and got a Heritage Lottery grant of £85,900 towards the Urban Living Landscape, corridor of land good for wildlife surrounding Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. Further £500,000 to be raised by public from spring to complete purchase. See the Echo article for more details:

Also, there’s a consultation on a Preferred Options Document about the management of Dorset Heathlands, see

Poole Leisure projects – Harriet

Would Transition be interested ? Better to engage the people around and get them involved ?

What they are planting looks good, building hills and planting trees at the bottom. Had they checked the water table ?

Questions – grants for double glazing, cavity wall, roof insultation – Fiona

Turners update aim to plant on 6th April, subject to broadfork. Plant 6 nut trees, keep the rest until Autumn. Water and fertility issues.

magic hat £15.30 and meeting venues, paid £20 to Fizz for tonight.

Next meeting : 9th April 2013 at Friends

Transition Town Poole 17 May 2012

13 of us met at the Friends House
Gary, Fiona, Andy, Harriet, Gwyn, Cherry, Madeline, Jamie, John, Barbara
Clare Sutton from PHP
Paul from Borough of Poole


Energy Descent action plan
Transition Picnic
Green Community fair
Dorset Land network
Turners nursery
Magic hat – to pay for use of the room
teas and coffees – we never got to that this time !

Clare Sutton

PHP, 2 year lottery funded scheme to get people vegetable gardening
– ran voluntary sector project in London – Culpeppers
community garden in Weymouth
MA in climate change
2 year lottery funded – new roots project. To get tenants to grow food.
Poole’s council housing, large chunk of social housing in Poole
2 sheltered
Hamworthy scheme
Parkstone – Cynthia Close
bit of impetus, facilitating their project.

Focussing on big housing schemes and general needs
Turlin moor, big housing scheme – interesting mix.

Has found a core of 8 people keen to move it forwards.
In first year, suggestion from Clare – get kids to plant potatoes, and dig as a community.

Food bank at Turlin moor – could contribute to.

Paul Cooling – BoP Carbon Reduction Manager

Power optimisation project – showed massive reduction on first week
Biomass boiler at Merley school. RHI £4,000 per year for the school.
£200,000 from DECC – energy from waste report – aerothermal.

BoP utility costs
07/8 3,157K
08/9 4,030
09/10 3,894
10/11 3,747

Last year looking hopeful in all cases but one.
Reductions – headcount has gone down.

Gone down for all areas except for Schools – gone up from 4,367 to 7,220 tCO2

Covenant of mayors – Nottingham declaration with teeth. Started in Spain.
Carrot – access to EU funding. Need a new list of projects within a year of starting.

Boroughwide emissions. Baselined 2005. Collected by the government – 2 years behind. Reduciton per captia by 2009 of 13.9 tonnes. Use petrol sales etc.

targets for per capita emissions down to 2 tonnes CO2 per capita by 2050

Coordinating group meeting quarterly (COMO)
Schools, public sector
renwable initiatives
Industrial and commerce
On-call technical experts

Upton House
Currently Gas heated 361,313 Kwh pa for £9,100
Solar thermal, tidal, wind turbine, woodchip

Aim for developing a steering group, and inviting TTPoole to participate.

Solar PV – PHP – recycling some of the money for further energy saving measures.
It was a loan, 9-10 year payback.

Energy security as well as cost and carbon. People seeing benefits.

Dorset Land network – Jamie

Land based projects → Cherry Tree nursery – partly from a number of mental health projects “Care Farming”, broadening to community engagement with land. Email and Facebook group. If anyone wants to be added.

URLs for the Dorset Land Network:!forum/dorsetlandnetwork

Open to folk involved in non-profit land-based projects in or near Dorset.

Transition BH Picnic – Gwyn

Council – nothing happening at Ashley Cross until September – wrong !.
Aim for Transition picnic in July – one of middle 2 weekends. Roll forwards based on 48 hour ahead prediciton.
13/14th July Olympic flame coming through. Also Larmer Tree.
So aim for 21st/22nd July. One week before most kids break up for summer.

Poole Green Community Arts fair – Harriet

3/4th June. Any publicity welcome. Poole Park, part of Dorset Art Week.
Chairs for people to sit and talk.

Turners Field – Jamie
Full council has passed the resolution that part should be for community use in partnership with the schools. Not seen the notes of the meeting.
Sewerage – Wessex water backtracked, not got the money, may not be the right solution, may be 3-4 years to get to it. Hope to talk directly to Wessex Water.
Sunday 27 May 10am , or something in June.

26th May WDS and Bournemouth Water – Sustainability Knots – organised walks through green spaces between companies. WDS at Alder Hills – through nature reserve up to the University. They’re thinking benches and bins etc. Intent good, but may need some help. Might be worth going along and being involved 9-11am

7-8th July Lushfest – Gwyn

They pay £15 per family for staff to attend Weds-Friday. Keen to get Transition involved. All offgrid, hands on making own things. Matt from Transition Blandford works in Lush.
Sat/Sunday – attend and promote activities. PTEP, Ecotricity. Looking for offgrid cinema and stage. Likely to be Holton Lea or Canford Magna. If we need new display materials, they might pay for it.

Energy Descent action plan – Gary
Creative descent in energy use, pollution and population
Higher oil prices will flow through to all commodities (metals, timbers food)

Functions, systems, elements.
Earth, people, fair shares.

Peak soil – living soils – Trophic pyramids – need for 10x at the lower levels.

Low tech solutions – sundried fruit
Perenniel crops – ongoing harvests.
Rabbits and fish
What pleasure does the landscape bring
Retrofitting houses.
Local currency

Ethics and design principles
7 domains, weaving together

Kinsale Action plan – good ideas.
Kingland Road and Cherry Tree Nursery – lots of people looking for young food plants.
Encouraging restaraunts etc

Harriet raised last time – where is our direction ?

Do we need to measure everything ?
Do because you believe it is right, or because it is demonstrably right.
Seeing a farmer – how will that affect my bottom line ?

Energy descent menu – projects we do, projects we like elsewhere
invitation for people to get involved
how do we value the projects

Other things happening in Poole that are connected

Spectrum of media outlets – encouraging people to think about what they are doing.
Local website through to BBC Solent.

Next meeting – Tuesday 19th June

Gwyn to facilitate – constructing the menu, analyse a couple of projects
Madeline – formulate a media plan

A good gathering at the newly refurbed No 34 Community Cafe in Poole
High Street for our monthly Transition Town Poole get-together for March.

Nick from Lush gave a presentation about the nearly completed strawbale cold store in Hamworthy that TTP folks helped to build recently. This is the only industrial load-bearing strawbale coldstore in the world and is in line for various awards. It’s part of Lush’s 5-year plan to be the greenest of green companies and it’s great that TTP can work with them. Nick invited us to join in with Lush Fest at Holton Lee in July, possibly with a screening of the new
Transition 2 film. Lush goodies were also handed out as thanks for our construction help.

John G gave an outline of the latest on PTEP. Funding was received from LEAF – but it has to be spent by the end of March. So the team are very busy gathering data, designing branding and doing what can be done in a short space of time.

The latest on Turner’s Nursery is that although the Council have approved the idea of a wildlife-friendly community orchard on part of the site and are generally supportive, Wessex Water have decided that a major sewer needs to be built through it. This will entail clearance of large areas and felling of numerous trees and the work could take up to 2 years to complete. We are in consultation with the Council and WW about this but in the mean time we intend to continue with surveying work and Permaculture designing. A (slightly inaccurate) report appeared in the Bournemouth Uni news web recently

The Garden Share discussion is postponed until next meeting.

Gwyn is working with Poole Council to put on a State of the Environment Day, focused on Food and Packaging, on Thursday 12th April. Email invite will go out with more details on the googlegroup.

We are probably going to have a stall with Bournemouth and Christchurch Transition groups at the Green Community Fair at Moors Valley on 13/14 April. Helpers will be welcome. Again, details to follow.

The Green Community Arts Fair in Poole Park will be on 3 and 4 June.
We will have a stall there too and will need volunteers to help.

In July(?) there will be a Transition BH picnic, probably on the
green at Ashley Cross with boules games and other such larks.

With all these community activities we will need new display materials. One thing that’s always been missing for this TTP group is a logo. Andrew is producing some sketches (based on circles) for consideration.

We’re all invited to a Dorset-wide Transition Gathering Saturday 28th April in Bridport (including visit to community orchard). This is a networking event organized by DA21. Not sure about times yet, but it’s likely to be morning and afternoon. If you would like to go and want to carshare (either offering lift or wanting lift) please email

Andy Hope had been to the Quakers sustainability event last week. They are looking at how they need to interact with the issues and what action to take as a group. More meetings with Transitioners are planned for April and May and no doubt a path forward will be developed in time.

Right, that’s it, I must get back to work now. I didn’t take notes and can’t remember what else was discussed. If I’ve missed anything please feel free to post.


A record turn-out (I think) of about 19 people (yes probably a record for 2011- Andy) met on 15th December for our monthly Transition Town Poole get-together at the Friends Meeting House.

John gave a short presentation on “Cradle to Cradle” design inspired by the work of William McDonough and Michael Braungart. This calls for the “transformation of human industry through ecologically intelligent design” based on biological and technical metabolism and biological and technical nutrition. John ended his talk by showing a short animated film which summarizes C2C design: There’s also a 10-minute TED in Half talk by William McDonough here:

Then Sue told us about the launch of the Big Green Believers Agreement which she attended on behalf of TT Poole. She circulated the list of practical and measurable steps listed in the agreement. Although TT Poole is not a faith group we have signed up to the BGF Agreement as one of the community groups that supports the initiative.

Sue then spoke about the various community groups she and Ian have initiated or been involved with starting, including the Big Lunch in their neighbourhood, Space for Life craft get-togethers in Starbucks in Poole, and the exciting new community cafe at The Old Stables, Poole High Street. Sue reminded us that creating community is central to the Transition – from where we are now to a happy, healthy future for our town.

Turner’s Nursery was next on the list. Jamie, Harriet and Fiona met with councillors, council officers and the heads of the schools last week on site and it was agreed that we could go ahead with “informal use” of the eastern end of the site as a community orchard. This is not written down yet so I’m not getting too excited but it felt like a promising start.

We passed the “magic hat” around and got enough donations to be able to afford another meeting!

Then Gwyn told us about the Transition BH Hub Music Party (Listen and Make) on Sunday 22nd January at the Green House Hotel, Bournemouth, 7.30-10.30. Local musician Alex Roberts will perform and get everyone joining in. Should be a great night.

Finally, Martin brought up the issue of “Shopping” – local shops, the impact of supermarkets, local food supply chains, farmers’ markets, our responsibility as consumers. This is a topic we can return to.

Many thanks to all for lively, friendly conversations. See you next time.

Next meeting Tues 17th Jan 2012, again at the Friends Meeting House

Transition Town Poole Meeting Nov 2011

At Friends Meeting House, Wimborne Road

A quick summary of what we talked about at the last Transition Town Poole meeting earlier this month

A small group this month (8). First Gary led us through an activity designed to get us thinking about our connections with nature and the way that everything is inter-dependent (air, soil, water, microbes, birds, trees …). It involved string and card and fingers and brains-whirring …

We had a quick look at Rob Hopkins’ new book The Transition Companion.

Then John gave us an overview of current progress on the Poole Tidal Energy Project. The new website is now up and running at and although the bid for funding from EnergyShare was unsuccessful – PTEP got through to near the top of the last 100 but didn’t make the final 10 or so – this hasn’t stopped the project from going ahead. Postgrad and undergraduate Students from Bournemouth Uni are now working on aspects of the feasibility study, and support has been strong.

Reports from Occupy Bournemouth and the Green Community Fair. There is likely to be a Green Community Fair in Poole next year. Transition Poole will have opportunity to be involved.

Gary told us about Regen AG (a global alliance of farming families & organisations who are committed to helping regenerate the world’s farms, soils, communities and on-farm livelihoods) and we talked about the importance of local food systems. We live in a great farming county – but we have a huge, dense, urban population to feed. The Dorset Urban Food Project was set up to address this problem – how to support local food producers in rural Dorset and encourage food supply chains to urban Bournemouth/Poole.

North Road Playing Fields – we have been invited by Poole Council Leisure Services to put forward suggestions for this area of former clay pit/abandoned playing field which is to be taken over by the Council on a 25 year lease as a new public open space. The plan is to use it as wildlife-friendly green space – pasture/wetland/ponds/trees.

We talked about homelessness in Poole. Sandra had been deeply moved by the needs of the homeless people who had gravitated to the Occupy Bournemouth camp at the Town Hall in Bournemouth. We felt that although homelessness is not a core activity for Transition groups it’s important to acknowledge that people living rough in our town are part of our community and so we should know what is being done about it. [Today I saw an article in the Echo about this ‘Now Poole outreach support team is seeking help from residents to provide a vital Severe Weather Emergency Provision service for vulnerable people. … “SWEP provides a great opportunity for a number of agencies to work together to stop rough sleeping in Poole.” Volunteers are needed to make beds, heat and serve meals and make people feel comfortable. Or people can donate money to fund essentials such as mattresses, bedding and food by texting BCHA04 the £ sign and amount, to 70070.’

We also talked briefly about Abundance, the plans for the Marina.


We had a discussion at our last TT Poole meeting around car clubs and sharing. There is a summary I did a while ago over at, which I have repeated below;

Car Clubs

Rather than owning, taxing, repairing and fuelling that second car

Car Sharing

An example

Vikki said she had seriously considered ditching her car in favour of one of these schemes, and it turns out that she was looking at Whipcar, so I took another look.

This scheme works by individuals offering their car, keeping ownership, and setting their desired price for rental. You can put your numberplate and postcode in on the site, and it will give a guide price. My car (Citroen Picasso) could apparently be rented for £6 per hour, or £32 per day.

The car has to be less than 8 years old, and maintained in good order, but insurance for the rental is organised by whipcar, as part of the deal.

Having decided to go for it, you put the times and dates when the car is available, and sit back. You get a notification when someone attempts to book, and have 1 hour to get back to them with a yes or no.

There were around 6 cars in the Poole area when I looked. Renters have to have no recent crashes or more than 6 license points, and similar to ebay, the system works on the basis of  building trust. There is an added twist of fines for either cancelling a booking (full cost if less than 24 hours), or returning the car late. And if the owner is not present at agreed pickup and dropoff time, then they get fined. £25 a time.

This last condition was sadly the killer for me. The reason the cars are on the drive is because my wife walks to work, and I cycle when I can. So more often than not, there is no-one here.

But if anyone else does take up doing one of these schemes, and wants to share the experience, it would be great to hear.




Transition Town Poole Monthly Meeting

Notes by Rob Walpole

14th June 2011, Old Stables,

10 people attended

Key Points:-

PTEP (Poole Tidal Energy Partnership):-

Paul, Andy H and John discussed progress of this bid. If successful the funding will pay for a feasibility report with research from
Bournemouth University. We are aiming for the full amount initially (£100k) which should also pay for instrumentation costs to measure
tidal power. Aside from tidal energy, alternative energy sources were mentioned such as the weir at Canford which may have potential as a
future project (see also
Bournemouth are also putting in a bid.
We talked about how this needs to be viewed as a community initiative rather than a commercial venture and asked if it would  be beneficial
to set up a community interest company (CIC) ? (Gwyn is experienced with this). This will be raised again at a later meeting should the bid progress.
Andy will seek clarification around ownership of intellectual property rights on this project.
Time is of the essence as the initial stage for the bid needs to be completed by 30th of June (including any support).
Awareness is there that if  successful on phase 1 of the bid, new terms and conditions will apply for subsequent phases

What’s next?

A meeting is planned at Bournemouth University on Friday 17th of June and following on from this a press release and standardised letter
will go out to interested parties.
Also, we established which key organisations and groups needed to be briefed such as the Harbour Commissioners, Fishermen, harbour environmental groups, Friends of the Earth and RNLI. Further talks are required with Rockley Park. Paul Andy and Harriet are to pick up the majority of this contact work between them.

Support should be forthcoming from stakeholder influences (e.g. BU, harbour commissioners and Poole council) but need local residents and organisations to vote for the bid at asap. The top 100 applications will be considered initially.

Big Green Fortnight:-

We talked about the highlights of this event which included…

Transition training at Holton Lee:-

Mike, Rob and Trevann attended this two day workshop detailing how to set up or re-energise an initiative. It was attended by current transitioners from North and West Dorset, council employees, the newly-initiated(!) and the curious. As well as enjoying the fantastic therapeutic qualities of the location, individuals came away with access to a huge amount of Transition resources via the trainer’s Dropbox application and (hopefully) the inspiration to go forth and make a difference.
It was clear that there needs to be a better link between the different Transition initiatives in Dorset so that we can share
learnings and support. John mentioned that there is work being done at national level to improve connections and the next national newsletter should have some info about this.

Kinson Bring and Take. Cherry attended this and will hopefully talk about this at a future meeting.

‘A Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole’:-

Gwyn, Mike, Harriet and Andy H attended this. This was a talk by Dr Alan Knight OBE exploring how businesses in our local communities could
embrace sustainability initiatives. A controversial point was raised around the use of technology in that actually as it continually
progresses, there are certain benefits for the environment. For example virtual technologies such as entertainment streaming (MP3/MP4
etc) mean that less physical products have to be manufactured thus reducing energy usage. This idea was not embraced by everybody! What
seems clear however is that businesses need to be engaged with, not avoided, as they will need to address the issues we share if they are
to survive.

‘The Pipe’:-

The inspiring film about an Irish community’s battle with Shell to avoid their area being invaded by miles of unwelcome pipeline. The
director was in attendance at this showing at Poole Arts Centre and was able to talk about his experiences directly. This was attended by
Harriet, Trevann and Gwyn.

Public Health Showcase :‘Going green is good for you’:-

Gwyn, Mike and Andy H attended this. The general feeling was that the discussion was good but there was a lack of clarity as to what actions
would follow.

The Green-Unity Fair:-

Attended by the majority of us! Definitely one of the highlights of the fortnight.The professionalism,organisation and execution of this
was applauded. And it was fun! It was commented that the Transition BH marquee set-up with cheese and wine could be used as a template by our group for future events as it made for a relaxed atmosphere and ideal networking area. The event team delivered their target by breaking-even!

The general summary of the fortnight was that there were some great events, insufficient publicity from our local press (despite breifing and promises) and some fantastic networking opportunities leading to new contacts but we  could still have benefitted from more new faces checking the events out.

Summary of Schools’ Activities:-

Harriet discussed the “Living For One world” (see earlier post) event in October and requested some support. John and his bicycle-powered generator will be in huge demand. There are ongoing activities at St. Mary’s and Baden Powell school and on July 1st there is an event at St. Edward’s. Staff at Bournemouth and Poole college are getting together to form a ‘Transition Together’  group. Gwyn is supporting the college and Poole
High. Planned activities include food-based workshops during school ‘Enrichment Days’ using the LOAF criteria. At Poole High, high-
achieving pupils can look forward to 6x 1.5 hour sessions based upon Sustainability and Transition. The criteria for these isn’t fixed so
Gwyn is open to ideas from the group that can be incorporated.
Reference was also made to the sterling work happening at St. Aldhelms which Tony and Gary are involved with (see last meeting’s minutes) and
some of the works in process such as the community allotment, the nature walk, the annually rebuildable teaching block (John is
especially keen to get involved with this).

Big Green Believers:-

Mike and Sue attended this meeting of the Inter-faith Dorset Action Organisation. Eighty-six organisations responded to the invitation to
this and sixty were there on the day. There are five action groups from Dorset and the South-West now working on an action plan and there
should be a document by the end of the year detailing the cross- communal sustainability plan which links in with the Earth Charter.


Gwyn is aiming to get the BH Hub newsletter out next week and is asking for articles. Gary has some permaculture features to go in and Rob will be writing about the BGF Transition Training. Any other articles will be welcomed. There are currently 404 people on the newsletter mailing list.

Gyratory System:-

The meeting started and finished with the gyratory system in the centre of Poole Old Town. The feeling was that this is a total waste
of money and will destroy a historic and beautiful part of our town. Also if implemented the system wouldn’t be needed for two years and
would send construction traffic down West Street rather than West Quay Road which is designed to take the heavy traffic. If the gyratory
system does go ahead we will probably see a huge building akin to the LV building at the County Gates gyratory system on a future phase. Do
we want this eyesore being replicated in Poole? Clearly not. Write to your council asap to say no!
Andrew has an alternative plan that will minimise works traffic through our residential areas and will be low cost in comparison to
the council’s proposal. He wants to present this to the council with Andy H.

The next meeting is planned for 14th July at the Old Stables. See you there!

Transition Town Poole – 19 May 2011
Old Stables, Poole

14 of us met

Issues to raise

DPD – John
Bring and Take

Welcome to Gary – Parkstone and Sandra – Tatnam
Paul Cooling –
– Funding
– Biomass boiler – school
– Project – Spare heat
Harriet – BGF events
– schools
Andy – Bridge approach
Gary – Kemp Welch

Big Green Fortnight – Imminent – Events

Cycle powered film – 26th Hamworthy
have stuff for teas & coffees
cycling – may be noisy and distraction
volunteers to bring cakes or biscuits
John – advertising in Library etc
Councils community team –
Andy to contact Charmaine

Other films at the Lighthouse

Monday night at AUCB – series of animated films by students – Films with a Green Tinge

Green economy for B&P – Green House Hotel – 1st June

4th June – Shelley Park – Green Unity Fair – grown into quite an event – solar powered

Getting leaflets printed
Agreed Andy to try and get something done – and spend money

This Saturday – B&P College community fest 11-4pm North Road campus – Danecourt end
John with bike, BGF and International Womens Day


School – Merley First School – biomass boiler – engagement event with community prior to planning process. Reduce emissions from current gas boiler 60Kw Biomass – Econogy. Wood pellet -can’t make woodchip as competitively as buying it. Renewable Heat Incentive announced. – Heat equivalent of electricity FITs. £4,000 saving per year.

Pellets – need to procure, looking at Okehampton, Maidenhead and a third (but where does wood come from ?).
Jon – wood briquets – Poole college – have lots of these, difficulty in selling. Should join the two up. Paul is keen that the first years operation runs smoothly with good quality fuel, as exemplar for others to potentially follow.

Aim for installation in August

Energy Share visit to River Cottage.
Film producers owning RC– partnership with British Gas. £3M to give away over 3 years. £100-500k to give away. Registration deadline 30th June. Looking for community based generation projects – PR angle.
Solar PV – possibly most attractive FITS payback – lots of competition. Councils can’t apply.
Letters of support on website
innovation – so probably not PV
interested in longer term, so money for reports could get support
project delivered in 12 months
Sustainable environment partnership – Interesting and innovative, lots of support.

Water stored in the landscape ?
Solar thermal
retrofitting on existing stock
Upton facilities
tidal flows – Holes Bay, Lychett Bay, Harbour entrance
Community Interest company opportunity
there was a motion by councillors – potential Poole Harbour without interfering with maritime traffic
Report last year – skirted across harbour entrance
John, Andy, Andrew, Ian, Sandra – interested to be involved

Paul Cooling – Heat exchanger – 90Kw exhaust emmissions, 45Kw to heat building & hot water.
Daytime operation, storage vessel
Thermal Mass – greenhouse on roof. Probably not. Land alongside
Why not reduce the power used – no, essential – established dead centre.

Turners Field – good publicity in Echo and Advertiser, coffee morning really good for those who turned up. Jamie and Caris did a great job. Brian Clements very supportive.

Landshare – One in Oakdale – successfully matched


Baden Powell Middle School – Kelly – interested in cycle power

Poole High – Sustainability session in the Autumn

Gary – St Aldhems Academy – Martin Jones – kids that don’t fit academic model – project Sifunda – from South Africa. Tony Trent got Gary along. Veg garden in school, working with horses – have to do maths when use darts.

Woodland on edge, old rugby fields. Wants to turn into community garden – community centre with straw bale building DCRS. Schools can apply for energy funding project too.

Grooves on Green 10th July
do we want to be involved with recycling on site ?
Not really – reduce – what about getting a deposit on plastic glasses

Site Specific Allocation Policies DPD

John produced a diagram to understand the relationships
Ability to reserve policies – review and disband or subsume into new documents
Development management policies – have to fit within Sustainable Community Strategy.
Public consultations – process 2007 to 2010
All views will be analysed and summarised in a report early 2011
John has found out where this will be on the website
Paul offered to take back to colleague in Strategic Planning for comment and feedback

Bring and Take

Andy has talked to Louise in Consumer Protection.
John talked to John Randall manager of Dorset Reclaim on Nuffield Estate, 01202 679080 3 Didcott Road
not a lot in it for them because left with the rubbish. He is talking to Poole council to get going. From Andy’s conversation, BoP havent got space to deal with stuff whilst redeveloping their waste transhipment centre, so not likely till Autumn, question of whether we can sort something sooner.

Next Meetings

Tues June 14th Old Stables

June 21st Hamworthy Fire Station

Coffee, Cake & Connections

Around 25 local residents stopped by Sylvan Primary on 30th April 2011 to enjoy some tasty homemade cakes, to meet each other and to raise funds for a potential wildlife friendly community garden. Between the refreshments and the enticing raffle prizes, including two day passes at the Haven Spa and a big golden box of Lush goodies, we raised over £80 toward our goal of £300 for a full-scale wildlife survey of Turner’s Nursery. Not a bad start! More importantly, we got to meet each other and start to share our ideas about how we might create a community garden together.

A lot of people have been asking me, what are ‘they’ (the council) going to do with the spit of land known as Turner’s Nursery. It seems to me that what happens depends on what ‘we’ (the residents) decide to do. Both Sylvan and Branksome Heath headteachers have given their support for the vision of a space for school children and adult residents to grow food and to enjoy and wildlife. And many, many local residents are keen to enhance this bit of land. This large field could be many things for many people and for wildlife. Of course, there will be challenges: learning to work together to grow food, protecting the site from vandalism, working with the bored local youth who might be attracted to damaging things and maybe more. There will also be joys, as the people who work together at Tatnam Organic Patch can tell you. In fact, I went down there myself the day after the coffee morning to plant herbs, do some reading, catch up with old friends and enjoy the sunshine, trees and fresh air. It was a beautiful way to spend a sunny afternoon!

If you’re looking for inspiration, to imagine what a community garden in the heart of Upper Parkstone might look like, you might want to check out a couple of local open days coming up. As part of the Bournemouth & Poole Big Green Fortnight ( ), both the Tatnam Organic Patch and Mark Spencer’s forest garden will be open to the public. More details on those below.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on some possible designs for the site for all of you to look at and comment on. If you have any thoughts or expertise to share, please feel free to get in touch!


Jamie Heckert
Friends of Turner’s Nursery

Town Forest Garden Open Day

Sun 22 May 11am-4pm Free

42A Gorleston Road, Branksome, BH12 1NW
Visit an unusual and inspiring ‘forest garden’ designed to encourage wildlife in an urban setting. Over 100 varieties of trees and shrubs. Light refreshments. Stall in aid of WWF.
Mark Spencer 01202 760621

Tatnam Oranic Patch Open Day

Sat 28 May 11am-4pm £1 donation

Tatnam Organic Patch,
Sherrin Close, Poole
BH15 3DZ
An opportunity to visit this thriving half-acre urban community garden and organic allotment in the heart of Poole, recently adopted as a learning centre by the UK Permaculture Association.
Mark Spencer, 01202 760621, or
Gary Finch, 01202 679517,

Story of Stuff – Canford Heath

25th April 2011

Our second meeting at St Paul’s church on Canford Heath.

We watched the animated film ‘Story of Stuff‘ which is a great inditement of how we are trashing the planet, and since the 1950s, this spiralling consumerism of minimally durable products has been a planned aim of corporations.

Andy and Jamie gave a brief summary of what Transition Town Poole is up to, and what it means to us.

There was then a discussion around how, despite lots of advertising, we had attracted so few people to come out on a warm sunny evening.

After a quick break for tea/coffee, we split into two groups facilitated by Gary,

which way for Canford Heath

In order to help the group focus and prioritise Gary gave them some headings in which to place their thoughts

“Must Do”
  • Communicate
  • Start a Canford Heath Transition Group
  • Advertise/reach out to community groups on the heath
  • Have fun

“Should Do”

  • Sustain/continue

“Would like to do”

  • Mapping footpaths
  • walking buses

“Dont do/delegate”

  • Give up

The second group discussed a “Give and Take Event” and largely ignored Gary’s 4 categories.

A give and take event is similar to Freecycle on the internet, or a car-boot sale without the money. Set up an event, have people bring stuff and take other stuff away if they want to. Have arrangements to recycle or bin whatever is left at the end of the day. Both Bournemouth and Christchurch have these happening or planned, but none in Poole so far as we know.

We discussed the various elements, and arranged some actions;

  • Contact Poole Council to see if they have any events planned, or would support us – ANDY
  • Contact Asda with a view to using a corner of their car-park – TREVOR

– possibility of church hall as a backup venue

– idea to programme a series monthly Mid July- Aug – Sept

  • See Bournemouth Events – Kinson St Andrew’s Church, 4th June – CHERRY

– Beaufort Road, Southbourne 21st May- JOHN

  • Advertising the event – tannoy in Asda, Canford Heath Link magazine, A-frames, advertise on Freecycle etc
  • Bournemouth Borough Website – has details of how it works and 7 dates for the rest of 2011
  • W&S Recycling goods at the end of the day
  • Turlin Moor – Bike repair and reuse.
  • Dorset Reclaim – what might they take (furniture etc) – JOHN
  • Produce a leaflet on waste chain & TT Poole to give out at an event – TREVAN to gather info.

Other possible venues around borough – Baiter was mentioned -tie in potentially with garden waste recycling.


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