In July, Transition Town Poole is co-hosting/supporting not one but two film screenings! Please do put these in your diaries and spread the word.

The first is on Thursday 6th July. The RNLI, with the support of Transition, presents an opportunity to see the hugely influential film “A Plastic Ocean” at the RNLI College, Poole BH15 1HZ. Tickets at RNLI.org/PlasticOcean

“A Plastic Ocean is a new feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle. We thought we could use plastic once and throw it away with negligible impact to humans and animals. That turns out to be untrue.” See www.plasticoceans.org/film/ for a trailer.

Then on Friday 14th July we team up with the Hamworthy Friday Film club for the first screening in Poole of “Tomorrow” (“Demain”) at Hamworthy Library, Blandford Road, Poole BH15 4BG. £3 on the door. This is a positive, life-affirming and inspirational film exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, economics and education.

See https://transitionnetwork.org/ for more info and a trailer.

Both films start at 7pm and will include discussion after.

Plan to be in Poole High Street on Sat 11th Oct, pressing apples and giving away the juice. Successful event last year – see the pictures here

Apple Day Poster 13 Oct 2014

John from TT Poole built an Apple press, Harriet has added some photos on the Transition BH site at;

Transition Town Poole
Thurs 13th October, Quaker Meeting House, Wimborne Road
14 of us gathered at the Meeting House.

We started with introductions, and then in the spirit of the location, a period of silent reflection, and for any that chose, sharing some words with the group.
– Fiona, recently moved to Poole, but previously one of the originators of Transition Wells.
– Rob was feeling happy because he had been able to influence at work (showing the In Transition film at managmeent meetings and getting it in the newsletter), and also supporting Transition Blandford and Corsham with cheques.
– Cherry is enjoying the abundance of the season, and experimenting with fruit
– Tony is struggling with wanting people to change, and getting their visions to be bold enough
– Andrew reminded us that with abundance, you also get periods of frugality, and he is trying to help friends
– John is looking forwards to getting the woodburner going, and ammassing wood.
– Andy feels knackered yet elated, the tidal energy project is really taking off. John agreed with both sentiments !

Abundance and Apples

Discussion around grafting. Harriet has some scions of Newtons Wonder -which has great keeping qualities, lasting until April.
Cherry has a plan, with 25 different apple trees, in pollination groups, overall to cover a long season. A mixture of cookers, eaters and cider apples. She’d like to extend it to other fruit, and mentioned soft skinned almonds which is a variety that will work in our climate. Planning in advance of any orchard possibilities – Turners Field et al.
Tony mentioned at the Academy, where they plan to build and re-build a straw bale hut – John offered to help with that. Tony also has hopes for fruit trees/allotment area. The school used to bus the kids out to the Purbecks to engage with growing, but now plan to do this at the school.
Cherry talked about trying to convince people to keep and value fruit trees – a 100 year old Bramley apple tree was mentioned. Andy highlighted the shame of the cordon fruit trees in the Upton Country Park Walled Garden, struggling behind an exotic flowering border. Bad priorities.
Andrew and Cherry had been to an Apple fair at Broad Oak. They had a local band, storytelling, an apple cake competition, and apple pressing. Cherry has realised that those doing the pressing end up with very little of the produce ! Need to be prepared to do it for love. They had a home made press, and Andrew believed he could make one for around £20. John was keen to help, not possible immediately, but over the winter.
Possible venues in Poole for an apple fair were discussed. The orchard and open space in Cynthia Road was mentioned, though the locals would need to be on board.
It was suggested that we should look to both make a press, and continue to seek funds for a commercial one. Both would be pressed into service, and inspire different people. Would need a scratcher too in order to chop the apples.
Which led to a discussion around wood. Andy met the Chief Exec of the Scilly isles, who said that Cornwall has reached peak wood, where any additional capacity would be at the expense of arable land. Tony suggested that the tree management in Poole needed looking at, with perhaps a recommended list of trees to plant replacing any that are felled. The whole area of succession planting, and use of pollarding could be much better. He felt there are opportunities with tracts of land – green fingers and lungs between parks. Also PHP holds lots of land.
The group felt it was important that the succession did not just include a strict “native” policy, but also those species that are OK with the climate change we are likely to experience, and also favour productive trees – fruit/nuts/wood. The council is complex as planning manage TPOs, leisure the open space, and PHP the land around social housing. Harriet and John were keen to maybe come up with a list, target for April. Tony asked to keep us in mind to contribute.

Turners Field

Several people are working on permaculture designs, and are hoping to complete drawings for November. Jamie is keen to hold a coffee morning, perhaps the second or third saturday of November 12th or 19th. 12th favourite but will need to check with the school.
Jamie thanked the council for the discussion at Environment Scrutiny Committee, and what he hoped would support progress (he didn’t claim to understand all that was discussed).
Any help with photocopying, providing cakes, plants to sell, and taking part very welcome. Gwyn said he was keen to help.
Cherry suggested buying bulbs in bulk and planting them in pots to sell. She also suggested buying wholesale from Cherry Tree or Chestnut Nursery.
Jamie is fundraising to pay for the wildlife survey, though there is a possibility of getting this done for free.

Poole Tidal Energy Partnership (PTEP)

Our EnergyShare next stage application is in. It is a protracted process, hopeful of getting to next stage, and still need public support. Andy and Paul went to Southampton to a InterReg seminar – possiblilities of EU money for cross-channel collaborations. Some possibilities with the universities in Le Havre, Caen or Brest. Also managed useful discussions with the National Trust and Environment Agency at the meeting.
We met last night with 6 Students proposing a variety of projects within the PTEP theme. One of the promising elements is the use of heat pumps, taking seawater as the heat source. The EnergyShare deadline has encouraged us to seek formal approval from a number of key partners, including the council, harbour commissioners and Poole Housing Partnership (PHP).

One world week – 3 of them !

Living for One World Week – 21st Oct – Poole Schools, culminates with an event in a marquee at the cricket field end of Poole Park 10am-12 noon.
Tuesday morning, John is giving 3 talks at St Mary’s school, taking the power bike along. This then goes to the University for their One World week, where he is talking about the Tide project. On Friday, the generator need to get back to Poole Park. Harriet agreed to run a sewing machine, as John is unable to support the bicycle powered theatre that day.
Cherry Tree Nursery has a whole week of activities including film showings, Gary talking on Forest Gardens, and John talking on Tidal Energy.

Green Goals

AFC Bournemouth – 9 companies, keen to support local green and community activities. £16K funding available. The footballers are visiting schools to make sustainability fun. The Club seems to be becoming quite a centre for green and sustainability activities. A question was asked whether the footballers had bikes or fast cars.
They are sympathetic to funding public liability insurance for Transition BH (which covers us but specifically excludes chainsaw use !).

Green Community Fair

Sam is keen to work with us to move this forwards. At Pelhams community centre on Sat 29th October.


Cherry and Andrew had several boxes of apples which all went quickly. Useful conversations, and good coverage for TT Poole. Another event on Sat 5th November 2pm start, 1pm setup. Any help welcome.
Cherry has found that a North Bournemouth foodbank has been set up, so keen to support that. Apparently Maddi had put something in the Quaker newssheet. Cherry was trying to persuade her for the quakers to run their own group. This will be most successful if locally collected and distributed.

Green Deal

Tony is going to Westminster to hear a Green Deal briefing. It would be interesting if he could feed back to the team.

Bring and Take

Having deferred till the spring, Trevor is now talking to Ashdown School, who are keen to play their part. This may resolve the costs of hiring halls, and bring extra volunteers.

Renewable Energy Forum

Civic Centre, 21st November 6-8:30pm. Tony is keen that Transitioners and any others keen on this agenda are there.


Harriet felt that we should be proud that having been going a couple of years, we have some substantial projects. We might wish to progress to a full Transition Town status, and perhaps consider constitution etc. The TBH hub may have a limited life, and does tend to get confused as just a Bournemouth body, when it covers the whole postcode area.

Next meeting

Aiming for Tuesday 8th November (or possibly 15th). 7:30pm to be confirmed. Everyone agreed that the Quaker Meeting House is a good, peaceful venue, and that we should aim to use it again. The hat was passed around to pay for the hire, which was £20 to a group that resonates with the owners.

The team were very busy at the end of September, gathering more formal support from the various organisations that have expressed an interest in the project. We went to see the local MP, who was keen to have a photo with us (our combined technology let us down), and to suggest some other potential sources of grants.

Paul obtained official support from the Borough of Poole. We were getting close to the deadline for submissions, and normal last minute unseen complications arose, like the need to advertise before the council can formally support our scheme (although the idea originated within the Borough). Fortunately this came through in time.

Poole Tidal Energy Partners

Carter Community School have formally written in support, as has the Poole Housing Partnership, Nature England, East Dorset Friends of the Earth, and both Poole and Dorset Agenda 21. At a recent ‘Open Doors’ event in the New Forest, Andy saw a great river fed heat pump in action at a watermill near Lymington (see http://transitionpoole.org.uk/?p=790 ), and we have heard of a massive and longstanding community heating project in Stockholm, Sweden powered by a seawater sourced heat pump. There are a few examples elsewhere using seawater as the source, and this is especially exciting as it could be very unobtrusive, and use the energy very locally to community benefit in the town.

We are going through the application process for registering as a Community Interest Company. This ensures that any grants are used to community benefit, and that the ideas and results from our study are safeguarded. A team of 5 (four of us pictured above) will form the core directors.

 We made a last push for ‘supporters’ before the deadline on 30th September. It was clear that other groups were doing the same. At one point we reached 9th most popular project, but dropped back to a great 10th position for the close at 5pm. We hope the judges will be looking at the quality of the application, but knowing that we have the support for the project from people living both far away and nearby is important to us too, and the numbers continue rising. If you haven’t joined them, please go to http://www.energyshare.com/poole-tidal-energy-partnership , click on ‘support this group’ and follow the instructions.

Thinking about next year’s holiday ? Of course the following are not guaranteed to be Transitioners, but there is a good chance that some are.

I have stayed on people’s couches, but I have never used the online matching services. I thought I’d take a look, at what is on offer. As usual, there are a variety of offerings, some entirely voluntary and free, others commercial.

The idea has been around for some years, and www.couchsurfing.org was the original, founded in 1999, and is probably still the largest. They have  fairly recently changed status, from ‘not for profit’ to a socially responsible company. Intended to engender cultural exchange, there is no obligation to ‘host’ others before you go surfing on couches, and whilst a gift or a bit of help is welcome, no costs for staying.

As a result of their move to company status, another breakaway site has been created www.bewelcome.org Largely with the same ethos (and some of the same hosts).

There is then www.globalfreeloader.com This one is free, but does expect you to host others in exchange for being hosted.

As always with a good idea, there are commercial versions.

http://www.u-exchange.com/ is free (and not just holidays), but funded by adverts on screen.

Crashpadder charges £3 to book a room, and 10% commision on the deal. The room owner sets the price.

Similarly, parkatmine allows you to rent out a car parking space by the hour, day or week.

If you’ve tried any of these, and think they’re great or otherwise, why not share the experience.

Just for fun, a word analysis of our site (clicking on the thumbnail image takes you to the Wordle site);

Transition Town Poole wordle analysis

Wordle: Transition Town Poole

Transition Town Poole
11 April 2011

18 of us met at the Old Stables, Poole High Street. Gwyn facilitated the meeting.

Turners Field

Jamie and Harriet met Mr Fox (Middle School), very positive
281 signatures on petition – short timescale, local area and parents from school
Council meeting tonight – Brian Clements – raising concern on idea surplus to requirements – benefits to community. Also sent to scrutiny panel for review.
Aim for wildlife survey, design for site.

Canford Heath meeting
Was good for those who attended, but shame so few for the advertising and catchment area. 25 people. Potentially better to go to existing groups rather than try and set up our own. Possibility of talking to schools – Adastral school

Discussed ideas for the next meeting at Canford Heath

  • Discussion groups – output
  • Story of stuff – waste
  • Ideas on transition → get people to talk about what they want for Transition

Recycling – big blue bins, smaller black bins.
Nuffield – LUSH – Richard – Gary to contact – could they facilitate something on the heath ?
Enthusiasm for Transition – succinct

Refreshments again – biscuits and cakes required if people able

Possibility of a film meeting in Old Stables.

Transport links to Town Centre
Andy raised discussion with Sally Funnell, looking for community support for bid for monies to walking and cycling access to town, especially George Roundabout and Seldown Road, Andy to write on behalf of TT Poole.

TT Dorchester – Polytunnel – after easter (post meeting note: they want to raise it Easter weekend).

Site Specific Policies – Harriet
Playing field at North Road – waterlogged land – suggestion of allotments, poor land and restricted vehicles, now suggests wildlife & orchard etc.
Upton – Trevan interested
Green Corridors
Green infrastructure
consultation for end of May (27th)
Pre-submission documentation
Web links seem a bit circular, and plan under development over last 4 years, but http://www.boroughofpoole.com/planning/services/ref:S4D99B73E0B029/cf4orce:D4D99B94198487/ is the link on the BoP website saying how you can feed in.

On BoP website. Steven Thorne in Planning. Could we get them to come and talk to us ?
John, Cherry, Trevan, Andy, Harriet
How does this fit into the overall development plan ? – John to try and work this out.

Important point of reference to help with future tactical developments.

Big Green Fortnight
Hamworthy Event
Tatnam Open-day
1st June – Dr Allen Knight Southampton Uni
4th June – Green Unity Fair – cinema funded
75 events versus 50 last time

Newsletter – – next one next week
25% opens generally
40% opens – 38% clicked on a link
345 people on the list.
Need link from Website.
Click on Follow link to recommend to friends. Can put a personal message in. Forward onto others who may be interested.

Eric Pickles – have to simplify for street parties- BoP doing as a pilot for the Royal Wedding and extended for Big Lunch.

Earth Charter – Bournemouth Council

Gwyn suggested it would be interesting for us to consider the Earth Charter, especially as Bournemouth Borough council are the only LA to sign up to it so far. http://www.earthcharterinaction.org/
Getting out to businesses. BoB – first and only council adopting it for all their work

Broken down into 4 areas
1. Respect and care for community of life
2. Ecological integrity
3. Social and economic justice
4. Democracy, non-violence and peace
Paul Cooling – any development measuring up against Earth Charter

Any organisation could benefit from doing this.

We then split into 4 groups to discuss the Earth Charter areas, and how they apply to us as individuals, and potentially as TT Poole.

Topics that were particularly powerful for us were;
1a) recognising that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings.
4b) transmitting to future generations values traditions and institutions that support the long-term flourishing of Earth’s human and ecological communities.
6) Prevent harm as the best method of environmental protection and, where knowledge is limited, apply a precautionary approach.

7) Adopt pattern of productions, consumption and reproduction that safeguard Earth’s regenerative capacities, human rights and community well-being.

8) Advance the study of ecological sustainability and promote the open exchange and wide application of the knowledge required.

9a) guaranteeing the right to potable water (by promoting the use of greywater and rainwater to conserve supply)
14) Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.

Next meeting
After much debate, Thursday 19th May upstairs at The Old Stables

25 people came along to a film showing on 22nd March at St Paul’s church, Culliford Crescent in Canford Heath .

Discussions underway

Discussions underway

We followed this with an activity led by Gary, and discussion about how we can work together to make a difference in Poole, and in particular, what people might wish to pursue on the heath. There was also a bookstall with a range of ‘green’ books, and refereshments, including home-made cakes that folks had brought along.

‘In Transition’ is the first detailed film about the Transition movement filmed by those that know it best, those who are making it happen on the ground. The Transition movement is about communities around the world responding to peak oil and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour, and setting about rebuilding their local economies and communities. It is positive, solutions focused, viral and fun.

Andy spoke about the projects we have been undertaking in Poole.

Transition Town Poole Meeting 15th February 2011

This month we met up in the Britannia pub in Lower Parkstone. Attendees included: Jamie, Harriet, Trevan, Andy, Gary, Charis, Tricia, Ian, Andrew and Cherry. Sue sent apologies.


Following the introductions, we began the meeting with a discussion about resilience. Jamie asked everyone to spend 10-15 minutes focusing on the question: what helps you become capable of dealing with challenges? Each of us spend some time with our thoughts, making notes. You might even want to do this you self before reading what we shared at the meeting.

Some of the sources of resilience folk talked about included:

People — friendship and family, getting together with others to share life.

Innovation, problem solving and systems thinking. Having the skills to come up with alternatives to an unsustainable society can be a great source of resilience. Likewise, knowing that no one has to have all the knowledge or skills because we all contribute different abilities is also reassuring.

Being part of a group or community and working together.

Contributing to others’ lives, getting feedback and appreciation (as well as criticism to keep the ego in check).

Connections and community, both local and across distance using (precarious) technologies like telephone, Facebook, e-mail and other internet methods.

Joi de vivre — feeling joyful at simply being alive.

Zen meditation — the practice of accepting everything as it is, recognising a connection with the rest of life and a desire to contribute. It allows for both seriousness and playfulness.

Tai Chi — similarly, allows for easing off of seriousness and the pressure to change.

Yoga/meditation — strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally, and presence. Simply being with whatever is happening, with whatever you are doing. Otherwise “life is cinema.”

News of social transformation elsewhere in the world, like Egypt.

Taking the decision to get involved in the Transition and a willingness to learn new things.

Touch — being loved and feeling connected.

Non-attachment to change – doing what we can without feeling that it has to work out exactly like we want it to.

Positive visions of the future.

Love — relationships and friendships.


These led to a variety of discussions including an observation about how much energy it takes to produce loneliness: separate houses, separate cars, separate lives. We also noted that we haven’t been very effective so far at attracting younger people. Jamie, at 35, was the youngest at this meeting.

The exercise was designed to bring our awareness to one of the first aspects of a permaculture design (the system that underlies Transition) — observation. What sources of resilience, of our ability to face any challenges, do we already have in our lives? How can we nurture those? What things might we do in our own lives and together they help make ourselves and our communities more resilient?

Turner’s Nursery

One example is the ongoing efforts to create a community garden on the former site of Turner’s Nursery. Harriet and Jamie met with Sarah Lee, head teacher at Sylvan Primary School. She was incredibly supportive and loved the thought of more outdoor space for the children to garden and to experience wildlife. Like us, she sees there is more than enough land there for both school and wider community use. She had already heard of permaculture and heartily approves of ‘messy’ gardening with natural patterns rather than straight lines. Her only concern was that of the area be bounded in some way so that teachers would know that children were still in the area and not having snuck off through the current gap in the fence. Jamie suggested a native/edible hedge around the entire site might serve this function as well as providing shelter for wildlife and food for a variety of creatures including humans.

At Transition Poole we agreed that an important step in the process is organising a professional wildlife survey so that we know what plants and animals are currently living on the site. This follows on from last year’s tree survey. A professional wildlife survey costs £300 (last year’s costing, tbc). To raise the funds we are hoping to organise a coffee morning and raffle at the primary school. Since the meeting, Jamie has written to Sarah Lee to ask if she would be able to support us in this. If the school is not available as a venue, we will have to consider other options. Tricia, Jamie and Charis agreed to bake cakes. Volunteer servers will be needed on the day.

And more!

In other news, the conurbation-wide Big Green Fornight is coming up (21st May – 5th June). One highlight for Poole will be a bicycle powered smoothie maker in the Dolphin Centre! Transition Poole has been offered a bicycle-powered smoothie maker to borrow without charge and Amy at the Council is fixing for us to have a spot in the Dolphin Centre for a couple of hours to make smoothies and promote Transition (perhaps with Mors bags, seedlings giveaway …?). It’s a great promotional opportunity for us – let’s make the most of it! Several groups are also planning to organise a Big Lunch for the 5th.

In order to spread awareness of Transition throughout Poole, there is also a series of film screenings coming up in Canford Heath at St Pauls Church (22nd March & 26th April) and Hamworthy at the Firestation (26th May and 23rd June). In Canford Heath, we’ll be showing In Transition at the first screening and the Story of Stuff at the second. Both will include a bookstall and the second will have a seedling swap for folk with plants to share. Depending on how those work, we’ll decide whether to show the same films in Hamworthy or to try different things. Excitingly, the screening on 26th May will be bicycle powered!

Charis raised ideas about community journalism. If anyone else is enthusiastic about creating our own media, please email jamie.heckert@gmail.com.

She also mentioned how some cities were having temporary cafes in empty shops with landlords permission. Community groups would take over a shop for a month or two, free of charge, tidy up and serve homemade cakes and tea in charity shop cups. Trevan mentioned that he and Jamie had also discussed the idea of a social centre or community cafe in Parkstone.

Finally, Andrew described his successful experiments with DIY solar water heating. Black painted radiators with water running through can heat up a lot of water for domestic use! He hopes to continue refining his knowledge and to share it with others.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be Weds 16th March 7:30pm, venue Old Stables Coffee Shop, Poole High Street. All welcome!

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